Edible Science Experiments for Kids

Edible science experiments are a great way to incorporate food and science into one activity. Kids will love learning the science behind the projects and watching how things work together.

Edible Science Experiments for Kids

Food can teach us a lot about science, biology, and chemistry. These fun edible science experiments are a great way to incorporate some fun science learning into your home. Plus, these activities are easy to set up, and most only need a few supplies that you probably already have in your kitchen.

There are a lot of kitchen science experiments out there, but it doesn’t mean you should always put the ingredients in your mouth. For example, while oobleck is made out of edible ingredients like cornstarch, but your child probably would not the taste of plain cornstarch and water. We only included the yummy experiments in this list!

Your kids will love using their favorite snack items used in these edible science experiments. Just use caution to make sure your child is not stuffing a dirty food item in his or her mouth. I recommend putting some fresh snacks that are “for eating only” aside and making the rule that the ones “for experiment only” should not be eaten.

Edible science experiments are my kids’ favorite projects, and I hope your kids will enjoy them too!

Edible Science Experiments to Try at Home

Magic Melting Skittles Experiment from Mombrite

An easy candy activity for kids, kids will love seeing how skittles react with water to create a fun rainbow of colors.

Magic Melting Skittles Experiment

Marshmallow in the Microwave from Mombrite

Kids will love seeing what happens to a fluffy marshmallow once it is put in the microwave and heat is added into the mix.

Marshmallow in the Microwave

Popcorn Pop Science Experiment from Mombrite

This edible experiment will have kids learning the science behind how popcorn pops and turns into one of our favorite snacks.

Popcorn Pop Science Experiment

Floating M&M Candy Science Experiment from Mombrite

Like the skittles experiments, just with M&M candy, this science experiment is a fun way to see which color dissolves faster.

Floating M&M Candy Science Experiment

Gummy Bear Science Experiment from Mombrite

Through the process of osmosis, kids will love seeing how gummy bears grow and shrink with this fun science experiment.

Gummy Bear Science Experiment

Ice Cream in a Bag from Mombrite

Making ice cream at home without a fancy ice cream machine is easy and is a great science experiment that the kids can do.

Ice Cream in a Bag

Homemade Butter in a Mason Jar from Mombrite

Such a fun way to incorporate food and science, this experiment will have kids learning the food preparation process by making their own butter.

Homemade Butter in a Mason Jar

Geometric Shapes with Marshmallows from Mombrite

Using marshmallows and toothpicks, kids will love learning the geometric shapes and about 2D and 3D shapes.

Geometric Shapes with Marshmallows

Secret Messages on Marshmallows from Mombrite

A fun science experiment for kids, this experiment helps children learn about the Maillard reaction by writing secret messages on marshmallows.

Secret Messages on Marshmallows

Moon Bread Crater Activity from Mombrite

Want some delicious, warm bread to go with dinner? This out-of-this-world space activity will show your kids how to make moon bread with craters.

Moon Bread Crater Activity

Easy Dissolving Candy Canes Experiment from Mombrite

Candy canes are one of the best treats for the holiday season, but did you know it’s also useful for edible science experiments? Explore what variables make candy canes melt faster in this dissolving candy canes experiment.

Dissolving Candy Cane Experiment (2)

Magic Bending Candy Canes from Mombrite

After adding heat, you can bend candy canes into different shapes like heart, circle, and even pretzel!


Christmas Candy Cane Skittles Experiment from Mombrite

Christmas is the perfect time to do our favorite Skittles magic experiment. This time, in the shape of a candy cane!

Christmas Candy Cane Skittles Experiment (1)

Peppermint Candy Temperature Experiment from Mombrite

Observe how fast peppermint candy dissolve in hot, warm, and cold water. Set a timer and record the results!

Dissolving Peppermint Water Experiment (5)

Making Pâte à Choux (Choux Pastry) from Mombrite

How do cream puffs get their light and airy texture? Discover how to make this fancy French dessert and creating the air pockets necessary for sweet fillings using science!

Choux Pastry Science Hollow Out Center

Whipped Cream Science from Mombrite

Have you ever whipped heavy cream in a mixer and hold it over your head to see if it falls? Find out why heavy cream turns into a solid within minutes and amaze your kids.

Whipped Cream in Bowl

Fluffy 3-Ingredient Cloud Bread from Mombrite

If your kids like the whipped cream science, then they will love this lighter-than-cloud bread! Instead of heavy cream, your kids get to whip egg white until it expands with air bubbles.

Fluffy Cloud Bread Halves

Hot Cocoa and Marshmallows Melting Snowmen Experiment from Mombrite

The cold is no match for some delicious hot cocoa with marshmallows. But what happens when your hot cocoa cools down and then you add marshmallows? Discover the effect of temperature on the melting rate of marshmallows with this simple edible experiment.

Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Experiment Hot (1)

Magic Milk Experiment from Mombrite

Set some milk aside for drinking before you dip soap into the food coloring in the plate of milk. Your kids will want to do this one over and over again.

Holiday Magic Milk Christmas Tree (1)

Apple Oxidation Experiment from Mombrite

Answer the age-old question of what prevents apples from turning brown with this easy apple experiment.

Apple Oxidation Experiment 3 Hours

Apple Volcano from Mombrite

If you have old apples that you may not want to eat sitting in your fridge, use them to make colorful apple volcanos instead of throwing them out.


Pumpkin Skittles from Mombrite

Another fun experiment using skittles, this nifty experiment will have kids working with a fun pumpkin theme. It’s the perfect chemistry experiment for Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin Skittles

Oreo Cookie Moon Phases from Mombrite

Use on of your kid’s favorite snacks to chart the different moon phases.

Oreo Cookies Moon Phases Worksheet

Dancing Raisins from Mombrite

Healthy snacks can have a good time too. Make raisins dance with some baking soda and vinegar reaction.


Colorful Dinosaur Eggs from Mombrite

These marbled dinosaur eggs use the same technique as Chinese tea eggs to make the colorful webs on the eggs’ surfaces.

Dinosaur Eggs in Bowl

Tooth Decay Eggshells Experiment from Mombrite

Why should your child brush his or her teeth? This eye-opening experiment will motivate your child to brush his or her teeth after every meal.


Celery and Food Coloring Experiment from Mombrite

Watch the lettuce leaves turn different colors as you leave them in water with food coloring. This is a great edible science experiment to show your kids the effect of capillary action and how to water your plants.

Celery Experiment Blue Leaves

Best Cookies for Santa from Mombrite

Which cookie will sink if you put it in a glass of milk? Which one will hold its form instead of deteriorating into soggy crumbs?

Best Cookies for Santa STEM Activity (4)

Fruit Caviar from Mombrite

With the help of gelatin, you can make little fruit caviar spheres that you can eat. Your kids will love this cool molecular gastronomy experiment.

Edible Spheres

Grape Molecule Food Science Activity from Parties with a Cause

Using tasty grapes and toothpicks, kids will love creating molecules with this fun food science activity.

Grape Molecule Food Science Activity

Rock Candy Experiment from Steam Powered Family

Fun and easy to make, kids will love learning the science behind making rock candy with this edible science experiment.

Rock Candy Experiment

Geode Candy from Steam Powered Family

Perfect for older children, this geode candy experiment will have children working with high heat to see how to make crystals.

Geode Candy

Vanilla Chocolate Fudge Experiment from Steam Powered Family

Who knew making fudge could turn into such a fun science experiment? Kids will love learning the science behind making creamy, yummy fudge.

Vanilla Chocolate Fudge Experiment

Mount Everest Kendal Mint Cake from Steam Powered Family

A fun project for kids, this cake will have kids learning about a variety of different subjects. For science, kids can learn more about crystals and chemistry.

Mount Everest Kendal Mint Cake

Mad Scientist Green Punch from Finding Zest

A fun chemistry activity that kids will love doing, this mad scientist activity uses sherbet to make a fun green punch.

Mad Scientist Green Punch

Candy DNA Model from Little Bins for Little Hands

Use this candy DNA model project to learn about the basic biology of living organisms.

Candy DNA Model

Fizzy Lemonade Science Activity from Little Bins for Little Hands

Kids will love exploring the chemical reaction that is made with this tasty fizzy lemonade science project.

Fizzy Lemonade Science Activity

Earthquake Science Investigations from Science Sparks

Learning about the science behind earthquakes can be fun and this candy earthquake experiment will have kids learning in a fun way.

Earthquake Science Investigations

Bake Ice Cream without Melting from Science Sparks

Kids will love learning about how you can bake ice cream without it melting, thanks to the meringue!

Bake Ice Cream without Melting

Candy Chromatography from Science Sparks

This fun science experiment is perfect for learning about separating mixtures from candy.

Candy Chromatography

Edible Sour Gummy Worm Silly Putty by Rachel Teodoro

Slime and silly putty are always popular so kids will love making this edible sour gummy worm putty in a fun science lesson.

Edible Sour Gummy Worm Silly Putty

I hope your kids have lots of fun eating yummy snacks and doing these edible experiments!

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