25+ Out of This World Space Activities for Kids

These fun space activities for kids, including phases of the moon, planet suncatchers, and moon rocks, are the perfect crafts and science experiments to teach your kids about space.

Space Activities for Kids Featured

What better way to teach children about space than by doing some fun hands-on space Stem activities? STEM projects are always a fun way for children to learn and since they are getting that hands-on experience, they are more likely to remember and understand what is happening.

From constellations to the moon, learning about space can be fun. Luckily, there are plenty of activities and science experiments that can be done with your space curriculum.

These fun Space STEM activities for kids are a great way to include some educational fun and excitement into your curriculum. Kids will love learning about space with these activities!

Space Activities for Elementary Students

Learn About the Moon

1. Moon Sand Recipe by Mombrite

Sand is so much fun to play with so why not make your own moon sand at home with the kiddos for a fun and educational activity.

Molding Moon Sand

2. Moon Crater Activity by Mombrite

This fun solar activity for kids will allow them to explore how the moon gets its appearance and why we can see the craters so well.

Moon Sand Craters Marbles

3. Aluminum Foil Moon Craft by Mombrite

An easy craft for preschoolers, this aluminum foil craft will have kids creating the moon by playing with and crinkling the foil.

Aluminum Foil Cold Moon Glow Stars

4. DIY Moon Rock by Mombrite

As children learn about the moon, you will most likely come across moon rocks. Children will love creating their own moon rocks at home with this DIY space project.

Moon Rocks Honeycomb

5. Oreo Cookie Moon Phases from Mombrite

A snack that can be used as an educational tool and then enjoyed afterwards, kids will love using Oreos to create the different phases of the moon.

Oreo Cookies Moon Phases Full Worksheet

6. LEGO Moon Phases by Mombrite

This fun space activity will show how the moon changes shape depending on its relation to the sun. A fun activity that kids are sure to enjoy.

LEGO Crescent Moon Phase

7. Moon Bread by Mombrite

Kids will love making (and eating), this fun space project using a homemade bread recipe that is easy to make.

Moon Bread in Space with Stars

Fun-in-the-Sun Activities

8. Sun Print Art with Coins by Mombrite

Using only construction paper and some coins, kids will love creating this fun sun print art.

Sun Print with Coins Removed Paper

9. LEGO Sundial from Mombrite

What better way to incorporate LEGOS into a fun educational activity than by using them to create a sundial?

LEGO Sundial Outdoor 2PM

10. DIY Solar Oven from Mombrite

Construct a solar oven from a cardboard box and make yummy treats with the power of the sun! My favorite is a s’more.

DIY Solar Oven Cooking S'mores

11. Paper Plate Sun Suncatcher Craft by Mombrite

Catch the bright sun of the summer with this sun suncatcher that will shine beautiful colored lights into the house.

Sun Suncatcher Craft

Explore the Planets and Stars

12. 3D Solar System Model by Mombrite

What better way to learn about the solar system than by making a fun 3D solar system model? This easy-to-make model is perfect for learning.

3D Solar Model with Sticks Closeup

13. Coffee Filter Planets Suncatchers from Mombrite

There are so many fun things that can be done with coffee filters and these planets are just one of them. Hang them on the windows to recreate the planets for a fun and educational activity.

Coffee Filter Planets Closeup Suncatchers

14. Fizzing Planets by Fun A Day

A fun hands-on science projects kids will love working on, these fizzing planets will make a great addition to your space or moon curriculum.

Fizzy Planets

15. Puffy Planets Solar System by Thimble and Twig

A fun hands-on activity that will have kids using shaving cream to create their own puffy planet solar system, this space-themed activity is a fun way to teach kids about space.

Puffy Planets

16. Marshmallow Zodiac Constellations from Mombrite

With just a few mini marshmallows and some toothpicks, this learning activity will help teach children about the constellations.

Marshmallow Zodiac Constellation Capricorn

17. Origami Paper Star Zodiac Constellations by Mombrite

Easy to make and fun for learning the constellations, these origami paper stars can be used to recreate the constellations as children learn facts about each.

3D Star Zodiac Constellations

18. Galaxy Water Bin from Fun A Day

Another fun hands-on learning activity, kids will love playing in the water as they learn about space and the galaxy.

Galaxy Water Bin Image

19. Sun, Earth, and Moon Paper Craft by Mombrite

Learn about the relationship between the Sun, Earth, and Moon with these popsicle stick paper crafts.

Sun Earth Moon Paper Craft

20. Galaxy Painted Christmas Ornaments by Mombrite

Jazz up your Christmas tree and show your love for space with these galaxy painted clear ornaments.

Galaxy Painted Ornament decorated on christmax tree

Blast Off with Rocket Activities

21. Balloon Rocket by Mombrite

Build a simple balloon rocket that will shoot up high into the sky! With just a few materials (and Newton’s first law), your kids can experiment with different rocket designs and launch their balloon rockets two stories high.


22. Straw Rockets by Mombrite

The straw rocket activity is super easy to set up and makes a great way to learn about rockets while staying indoors. All your kids have to do to shoot the rockets into the air is blowing into the straw.


23. Balloon Rocket Race by Mombrite

This balloon rocket will not fly into the air, but it will certainly race across the room!

Balloon Rocket Activity

24. Baking Soda Rocket by Science Sparks

Using baking soda always makes for a fun project and this baking soda rocket is fun and easy to do. Kids will love watching the bottle rocket launch as they observe what happens.

Baking Soda Rocket

25. Toilet Paper Roll Rocket Craft by Mombrite

Upcycle used toilet paper rolls and transform them into a simple rocket that looks ready to blast off.

Toilet Paper Roll Rocket Craft

26. Toilet Paper Roll Satellite Craft by Mombrite

This toilet paper roll satellite is a great craft to complement the cardboard tube rocket.

Toilet Paper Roll Satellite Craft

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