DIY Galaxy Painted Clear Ornaments

Kids love space and many dreams to be an astronaut one day. And during the holiday season, being an astronaut might just be what your kid wants for Christmas!

Galaxy Painted Ornament decorated on christmax tree

These beautiful Galaxy Painted Clear Ornaments are the perfect Christmas decorations to make with your little ones who love space. The coloring of the ornament will look like the milky way, especially if you have glittery stars that twinkle in the light.

This Christmas ornament craft uses the poured paint technique, and it’s so fun! All you have to do is pour layers of paint into the ornament and turn the ornament to spread it around. No ornaments are the same!

How to Make Galaxy Painted Clear Ornament



1. Take off the hanging top from the ornaments.

2. Add about 1 teaspoon of glitter to the ornament (optional but highly recommended).

Iridescent glitter aplied on clear plastic ornament balls

3. Pour a small amount of paint into the ball, turn slightly, and add an additional color. Continue adding additional layers of paint and turning the ball until all the colors you desire to include are in the ornament.

Galaxy Painted Ornament aplied small amount of paint

4. Turn and twist the ball, adding additional paint if needed, until the ball is completely coated on the inside.

Add dark blue paint in plastic ornament balls

5. Turn the ball over and let it rest in a disposable cup. The opening of the cup should be the same radius as the biggest part of the ornament and deep enough so the bottom of the ornament does not touch the bottom of the cup. Allow the paint to run out overnight.

ornament balls over a disposable cup and allow the paint to run out

6. Turn the ball with the hole facing up and allow it to dry for an additional 24 hours before replacing the hanging top.

Turn the ball with the hole facing up and allow it to dry

7. Add stickers if desired on the outside of the ornament.

Add stickers if desired on Galaxy Painted Clear Ornament

How much fun was it to watch the colors mix as you turn the ornament? Try different colors (like purple and white) and see how your painted ornament turns out.

Your kids will love using their creativity to make their own ornament! There is no right way to do this space craft. Because of how simple the poured paint technique is, your kids will be amazed at the results and proud of their galaxy ornaments!


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