Tenzi Game and Card Deck Contents Closeup

Tenzi Game and Card Deck Review

If you are looking for a fun way for your kids to learn math, check out this honest review about the Tenzi game. This fast-paced dice game and a card deck full of creative ideas to play will change the way you homeschool.

Equilibrio Review 3D Puzzle

FoxMind Games Review: Brain Builder Trio

Encourage your kids to learn through play by incorporating the Brain Builder Trio by FoxMind Games into your gameschooling collection! Here is an honest review of the three games in the set: Architecto, Equilibrio, and Perspecto.

How to Set Up Homeschool Room

How to Set Up Your Homeschool Classroom for Success

If you are new to homeschool, you are probably eager to get started. Here are important things to consider while setting up your homeschool classroom at home that will help make your homeschooling journey a successful one.

Best LEGO Sets under $25

21 Best LEGO Sets Under $25

LEGO sets can be expensive. We got you and your wallet covered with a list of the best LEGO sets under $25 that are fun to build and will fit your budget.

Best LEGO Marvel Sets

11 Best LEGO Marvel Sets for Superhero Fans

Looking for the perfect superhero LEGO set for your kids? Here are the best LEGO Marvel sets that will get your kids excited about saving the world and defeating the bad guys!

digital body scale

Best Digital Smart Scales for Pregnancy

Gaining the proper amount of weight is important for your health as well as your baby’s health during pregnancy. The right digital smart scale will ensure that your pregnancy weight gain is on track!

Non Toy Gift Ideas for Kids

The Ultimate Non-Toy Gift Guide for Kids

The best gifts for kids do not need to come from the toy store. Here is the ultimate non-toy gift guide for kids that will help you pick out a practical present that your kid will love.

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