Pinecone Angel Ornament for Kids

This Pinecone Angel Craft makes for a great outdoor adventure with your children. Enjoy some family bonding time searching for pinecones together to use in this nature craft.

Pinecone Angel craft

With only a few simple steps, this project is great for parents to do with their kids. Did I mention it’s also mess-free?

Your kids will love seeing their projects as a Christmas gift to grandma or hung on the Christmas tree. The Pinecone Angel is a fun activity your little ones can look forward to creating this upcoming holiday.

How to Make Pinecone Angel Craft


  • Craft glue
  • Felt fabric
  • Yarn
  • Large wooden bead
  • Sharpie
  • Scissors
  • Craft wire and pliers
  • Pinecone


1. Select the large wooden bead, which is going to be the head of the pinecone angel. Grab some strands of yarn for the hair of the angel. The strands of yarn should be of the same length.

Pinecone Angel face material

2. Stick the yarn strands on either part of the wooden bead, keeping the open ends of the strands free and gluing the middle parts of the strands with the bead.

Pinecone Angel face with thread wooden beed

3. Use a sharpie to draw the face (eyes, nose and mouth).

Pinecone Angel face draw on wooden bead

4. Glue the wooden bead head on the top end of the pinecone, keeping the hair part to the opposite end of the pinecone.

Pinecone Angel face placed on pinecone

5. Cut out 2 rectangular shaped felt pieces. Create accordion folds along the longer side of the rectangle felts. Use glue to secure the folds.

pinecone angel felt fabric used for wings

6. Similarly, fold the other felt cut-out and use scissors to round out the edges on the open ends of the folded felts. These are the wings of the pinecone angel.

pinecone angle wings readye with fabric

7. Glue the felt wings on both sides of the pinecone.

pinecone angle wings attached with craft glue

8. Bend a small piece of wire into a halo. If you don’t have a piece of wire, you can use a pipe cleaner.

Pinecone Angel used Craft wire and pliers

9. Attach the wire ring or ring on the top side of the pinecone angel (the wooden bead should have a hole) to complete the craft.

Pinecone Angel

Isn’t she a cute little angel? To make it into an ornament, simply tie a little thread and glue it to the back of the pinecone. After we made it, the kids decided the pinecone angel should sit next to the pinecone snowy owl, so we left it off the tree.

Hand made Pinecone Angel

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