Pinecone Snowy Owl Craft for Kids [Free Printable Template]

The adorable pinecone snowy owl craft is such a fun way to use the pinecones you find on the ground while strolling around the neighborhood or taking your kids to the park. Your kid will love creating this cute creature this winter.

Stick the feet and stick the eyes to the top front side of the pinecone

Hooo knows of a fun craft that your children can take part in this holiday season? I do!

Give your children the gift of creativity this Christmas with this fun and easy pinecone owl craft. This adorable little friend is mess-free to create and so much fun to make. 

This craft is not only budget-friendly, but it can be given as a gift or kept as a keepsake. Your kids will be ecstatic to create something so special.

This pinecone owl craft is the perfect way to spend quality family time together and create something beautiful. You’ll be swooning over these cute little friends you and your children make together.

How to Make Pinecone Snowy Owl



1. Select a pinecone for the owl craft and grab some white cotton. Take small amount of cotton and insert them between the cone scales.

Pinecone used for Snowy Owl Craft

2. Fill all the spaces between the cone scales with cotton as much as you can. 

Cotton added in the Pinecone for Snowy Owl

3. Select some felt fabric (I’m using white and 2 shades of light brown colored felts). Trace the template patterns on the selected felts and cut them out nicely.

Felt fabric cuttings used for Snowy Owl body parts

4. Glue the small wing patterns on the big wing patterns. Glue the googly eyes on the 8–like pattern and then glue the beak (triangle) below the eyes.

Googly eyes attached with glue into eyes parts

5. Glue the felt wings on both sides of the snowy pinecone.

Attach the felt wings on both sides of the snowy pinecone

6. Glue the feet on the bottom side of the pinecone and glue the eyes to the top-front side of the pinecone to complete the craft.

Pinecone Snowy Owl for kids

Isn’t this pinecone snowy owl super adorable? Since it’s easy to make, you can make a whole bunch of them using different size pinecones and make an owl family!

If the felt is falling off your snowy owl, chances are the felt is glued to the cotton balls instead of the pinecone. If you glue the felt pieces to the actual pinecone, then they should stay on.

Pinecone Snowy Owl Craft (1)

Make sure you grab the free template to make crafting this owl nice and easy!

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Another pinecone craft that’s perfect for the holidays is the pinecone angel ornament. It’s such a pretty ornament to hang on your Christmas tree.


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