8 Fun & Easy Halloween Handprint Crafts For Preschoolers

Get ready for the spookiest season of the year with some Halloween handprint crafts that are fun and perfect for little preschooler hands!

Halloween Handprint Crafts For Preschoolers

Whether you’re looking to decorate your home, create adorable keepsakes, or simply indulge in some creative playtime, these easy and preschool Halloween handprint crafts will make your Halloween festivities extra special.

So, roll up those sleeves, get some paint, and let’s embark on a creative journey to capture the magic of Halloween through handprint art!

8 Preschool Halloween Handprint Crafts For A Fun, Spooky Season

Handprint crafts are not only great for your preschoolers to build fine motor skills, but they also make easy and festive Halloween decor, gifts, and party favors! You can keep these Halloween handprint crafts your preschoolers made as keepsakes for posterity.

8 Halloween handprint crafts for preschoolers

1. Pumpkin Handprint Craft For Halloween [ Free Template ]

This easy yet super fun Halloween Pumpkin Handprint craft is a creative way to make a paper Jack-o-Lantern.

Simply use your preschooler’s little hands, the free Pumpkin handprint craft template, and make this Halloween handprint craft together!

Check out the step-by-step tutorial here to get started.

Halloween Pumpkin Handprint Craft

2. Bat Handprint Craft [Free Template]

Using materials you already have at home and a free craft template, your little ones can make this cute and easy Bat Handprint Craft in no time!

It also makes a great DIY Halloween gift for friends and family or as a family bonding activity with your preschoolers.

Get busy making this adorably spooky Halloween Bat Handprint craft with your preschoolers now!

Halloween Bat Preschool Handprint Crafts

3. Halloween Vampire Handprint Craft [Free Template]

Have an avid vampire fan at home? You’ll want to make this Halloween Vampire Handprint Craft with your little one!

Perfect for preschool-age children, this engaging activity not only sparks creativity but also helps improve motor skills. Watch their faces light up as they create a crafty keepsake that’ll make this Halloween unforgettable.

Halloween Handprint Crafts For Preschoolers Vampire Handprint Craft

4. Halloween Spider Handprint Craft

A simple, fun, and eerily cute way to celebrate, this Halloween Spider Handprint Craft is paired with a free downloadable template, so even beginners can whip up a crawly masterpiece!

This fun, easy-to-follow tutorial is perfect for little hands wanting to create a memorable keepsake. Download our free template and make a creepy-cute spider from your own handprint. It’s not just a craft, it’s a magical Halloween memory in the making.

Halloween Spider Handprint Craft

5. Frankenstein Handprint Craft [Free Template]

Dive into a world of spooky-crafty fun with our Frankenstein Halloween Handprint Craft tutorial, perfect for preschoolers!

This easy-to-follow guide, complete with a FREE template, transforms tiny handprints into adorable mini Frankenstein masterpieces. Nurture your little one’s creativity and make unforgettable Halloween memories.

Handprint Frankenstein Craft

6. Witch Handprint Craft [Free Template]

Get ready for spooky fun with our enchanting Witch Halloween Handprint Craft Tutorial.

Dive into DIY magic with your kids, creating creepy-yet-cute keepsakes that truly capture the Halloween spirit! Plus, get our free template to make this whimsical witchcraft even easier. Perfect for parties, decorations, or family craft time. Wickedly fun guaranteed!

Witch Handprint Craft

7. Black Cat Handprint Craft [Free Template]

Ignite your little one’s artistic flair this Halloween season with our Black Cat Halloween Handprint Craft, perfect for preschoolers!

This engaging activity transforms tiny handprints into bewitching black cats, fusing fun, craft, and creativity. An ideal way to celebrate the spooky season while fostering fine motor skill development and creative expression in your child.

Halloween Black Cat Handprint Craft

8. Haunted House Handprint Craft For Preschoolers [Free Template]

Looking for a more creative Halloween handprint craft? This Haunted House Halloween Handprint Craft is one of our most popular Halloween handprint crafts for preschoolers!

Perfect for both kids and adults, this spooktacular Halloween craft promises a bewitching blend of fun and fright. Don’t worry if you’re a crafting novice – our free template and step-by-step guide ensure it’s a breeze!

Haunted House Handprint Craft Fall Decor

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