Halloween Spider Handprint Craft for Kids [Free Template]

Here’s a fun spider handprint craft that kids will surely love to make and give as gifts. Follow these easy instructions on how to create this adorable DIY spider handprint craft for the spookiest holiday of the year, Halloween!

Halloween Spider Handprint Craft

October is the perfect time to get creative with your kids and explore some ways to get them excited for Halloween. One of the best ways to do this? A handprint spider craft!

Instead of looking for sweets, your kids can have lots of fun putting together some Halloween-themed crafts. Check out our step-by-step instructions on how to make a handprint spider craft that’s guaranteed to get kids excited about the holiday.

This Halloween craft is easy to assemble with the free template. Your preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary school kids will love using their own hands to create a creepy crawler!

How to Make a Hanprint Spider Craft for Halloween


  • Construction paper or cardstock (black and purple)
  • Pencil
  • Gluestick
  • Scissors
  • Printable spider handprint craft template (download instructions are located at the end of the post)
  • Optional: Googly eyes
Spider Handprint Craft Materials

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Halloween Handprint Crafts Bundle


1.. Trace hand with pencil on black paper and cut out.

Spider Handprint Craft Cut Traced Hands

Print and cut out template.

Trace and cut each template piece from black and purple paper as shown. (cut 5 each of the small rectangle fence posts.)

Spider Handprint Craft Trace Template Patterns
Spider Handprint Craft Cut Traced Template Patterns

Glue handprints with thumbs and palms overlapping.

Spider Handprint Craft Glue Hands Together

Glue purple head and body over thumbs and palms.

Spider Handprint Craft Glue Body on Legs

Glue small purple and black pieces under the front of the head to make pincers.

Spider Handprint Craft Glue Fangs

Glue on the eyes to create the face. If you have googly eyes at home, you can use them instead of the eye patterns in the template file.

Spider Handprint Craft Glue Eyes

Glue black ovals to fingertips to create the legs. The front ones should point forward, and the back ones should point to the back.

Spider Handprint Craft Glue Legs

Fun Ideas to Try with the Handprint Spider Craft

There are so many fun things you can do with your spider handprint craft. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Create a paper plate spider web and attach the handprint spider to the yarn. Then you can hang it up in the house where everyone can see it!
  • Tape a couple of sections of straw to the back and make the spider climb up the wall.
  • Write your kids’ names on the back of the spiders and decorate the walls with these spider crafts.
  • Separate each cotton ball and stretch it out to make spider webs. This is one of our favorite ways to decorate the front door. Simply add your handprint spiders to the cotton ball cobweb for an extra spooky effect.
  • Use the handprint spider as a Halloween card that you can give to friends and family.
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