Paper Plate Spider Webs Craft

The paper plate spider web craft is perfect for Halloween. Your kids will practice fine motor skills by threading the yarn through holes to make the spider web.

Hanging Paper Plate Spider Web (9)

It’s the beginning of October, and we are seeing Halloween decorations going up all over the neighborhood! Every time my kids see one, they ask me why we don’t have any decorations in our front yard.

Guess it’s time to make some!

Your kids will love making this simple paper plate spider web craft. It makes a great Halloween craft of preschoolers and elementary school kids. And don’t forget to play the Itsy Bitsy Spider song while your kids make their webs! 

How to make DIY Paper Plate Spider Webs



1. Cut the middle circle out of your paper plate.

Paper Plate Spider Web Cut Plate

2. Paint the paper plate with acrylic paint.

3. Punch holes around the inner circle.

Paper Plate Spider Web Punch Holes

4. Thread the yarn through all the holes in your paper plate. 

Paper Plate Spider Web Thread Yarn

5. Glue or tape the ends of the yarn to the back of the paper plate when done.

7. Add spiders! You can use plastic spiders or you can make your own pom-pom spiders.

Paper Plate Spider Web

6. Optional: Punch a hole at the top of the paper plate. Thread a piece of yarn through it and tie a knot to hang the paper plate spider web.

Hanging Paper Plate Spider Web (1)

If your kids are having trouble threading the yarn, you can attach a bobby pin to the yarn. It will help make threading the yarn through the holes easier. 

This fun spider Halloween activity is great for practicing fine motor skills. Your kids will need to focus and figure out how to put the yarn through the holes. They will also need to keep track of which holes are left to ensure they get the web pattern they are going for.

Hanging Paper Plate Spider Web (6)

We decided to hang our paper plate spider webs up on a tree branch. We also hung one off the outside lamp. I think making the paper plate spider webs make them look more real!

Hanging Paper Plate Spider Web 3

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