Haunted House Handprint Craft for Kids [Free Template]

Make this creative haunted house handprint craft with your kids this Halloween complete with picket fence, coffin-shaped door, and bats flying out the windows.

Handprint Haunted House Craft

When I was a teenager, I loved going to haunted houses with my friends for Halloween. Some of them are just fun to walk through, while others are downright scary.

Your kids might not be old enough yet for haunted houses, but it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy making a non-spooky paper haunted house with bats flying out the windows!

The best part about this haunted house craft is that your kids can make them out of their own handprint. You can make the template bigger or smaller by setting the scale in the printer setting to fit your child’s hand size.

How to Make a Handprint Haunted House


  • Construction paper or cardstock (black, yellow, purple)
  • Black marker
  • Pencil
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
  • Free printable handprint haunted house template (scroll down for the download form)

Your time is valuable. Download all 8 Halloween handprint craft templates in one handy PDF file for the very low price of $1.29!

Halloween Handprint Crafts Bundle


1. Trace your child’s hand with a pencil on purple paper and cut out the outline with scissors.

Handprint Haunted House Cut Out Hand Outline

2. Print out the free haunted house template and cut out the template patterns.

Trace the patterns on black and yellow paper with a pencil. For the small rectangular patterns, you should trace 5 of each on black paper. All the other patterns should be traced on black paper with the exception of the small circle and the small extended half-round windows. Those should be on yellow paper.

Cut out all traced patterns.

Handprint Haunted House Template Patterns

3. To assemble the fence, glue the black rectangles on the long rectangle. Alternate the height of the posts and place the rectangles so that they are slightly crooked. Haunted houses are old and broken down after all! Leave a gap in the middle for the door.

Glue the fence to the bottom of the house (a.k.a. your handprint) and glue the door on top of the fence where the gap is.

Handprint Haunted House Assemble Fence

4. Glue the three roof pieces onto the fingertips.

Handprint Haunted House Glue Roofs

5. Glue the two yellow pieces on top of their matching black pieces.

Handprint Haunted House Assemble Windows

6. Use the black marker to draw the window frames.

Handprint Haunted House Draw Window Frame

7. Glue the windows and bats on the handprint haunted house to decorate.

Handprint Haunted House Glue Windows and Bats

You are done with the haunted house handprint craft! What I love about this Halloween craft is that it’s mess-free, and kids get plenty of fine motor skill practice with cutting and gluing the pieces together.

Haunted House Handprint Craft Fall Decor

And each haunted house will be unique because you are using your kid’s handprint for the craft. You can save the finished craft and make one every year as a fun Halloween tradition. Feel free to switch up the colors as well and perhaps even decorate with glitter!

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