How to Make an Easy Origami Pumpkin

Learn how to fold paper jack-o-lanterns with this step-by-step origami pumpkin tutorial. You can make them into a garland or a pumpkin patch and get your kids in the fall spirit.

Origami Jack O' Lantern

It’s that time of year when pumpkins are starting to pop up everywhere. Our absolute favorite thing to do during the fall season is to visit all the pumpkin patches around our area. They always have such fun rides and activities for kids to enjoy.

It’s also that time of the year to make lots of pumpkin crafts! We are a huge fan of easy and simple crafts so that we can all make them as a family.

Origami pumpkins are a great way to create festive decorations for your home. And all you need is paper and glue! This quick DIY craft will not only make your home look ready for a Halloween party and also add a fun fall touch.

For younger kids, I recommend using a bigger piece of paper so it’s easier to fold with their little hands. This origami pumpkin craft is a wonderful opportunity to improve your kid’s focus and fine motor skills.

After some practice, your kids will be able to make these origami pumpkins within minutes. Then take a black marker and draw spooky or silly faces on them to make them origami jack-o’-lanterns!

How to Fold an Origami Pumpkin


  • Square piece of paper
  • Glue stick

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

1. Begin with any kind of orange square piece of paper. You’ll want something sturdy enough so it doesn’t tear or crumple during folding and cutting phases but also something lightweight so it isn’t too difficult to fold up. Construction paper is usually a good option because of its thickness and durability while still being thin and lightweight enough to work well with this Halloween origami project.

Fold the square paper in half vertically and horizontally, and unfold. Fold the paper in half diagonally and then fold it again diagonally. Unfold completely and you have created the creases that you will need for the next steps.

Origami Pumpkin Step 1

2. Keeping the center of the paper (the point where all creases intersect) pointing to the top, fold the diagonal creases upwards and press the vertical and horizontal creases inwards.

Origami Pumpkin Step 2

3. Join the diagonal edges on both sides and flatten the paper pattern out to make a diamond.

Origami Pumpkin Step 3

4. Hold the closed end of the flattened pattern’s right side. Fold it down and align it with the middle line of the diamond.

Origami Pumpkin Step 4

5. Now, hold the open side of the right side and fold the outer edge to the middle crease line.

Origami Pumpkin Step 5

6. Take the folded portion and flip it from the right side to the left side. Press flat.

Origami Pumpkin Step 6

7. Flip the whole diamond over.

Origami Pumpkin Step 7

8. Repeat steps #4 and 5 but with the left side of the diamond. In another word, fold the closed and open edges of the left flap to the middle line.

Origami Pumpkin Step 8

9. Turn the folded part to the right side.

Origami Pumpkin Step 9

10. Fold the two sides (left and right) inward.

Origami Pumpkin Step 10

11. Unfold the left and right sides.

Origami Pumpkin Step 11

12. Using the crease from the previous step as a guide, fold the right corner between the two layers of the pattern and press flat.

Origami Pumpkin Step 12

13. Repeat step #12 with the left corner.

Origami Pumpkin Step 13

14. Flip the entire pattern to the other side.

Origami Pumpkin Step 14

15. Fold the top and bottom corners of the pattern inward to make the shape more rounded.

Origami Pumpkin Step 15

16. Flip the whole pattern back over. Cut a small strip from a green-colored construction or origami paper for the pumpkin stem.

Origami Pumpkin Step 16

17. Glue the stem to the top side of the origami pumpkin to complete the paper craft.

Origami Pumpkin Step 17

Aren’t these origami pumpkins adorable? Make a whole bunch of them and create your own pumpkin patch! You can make huge and tiny pumpkins and pumpkins out of all different colored paper so that your pumpkin patch has a variety of pumpkins just like a real one!

Origami Pumpkin Craft

And if carving pumpkins for Halloween isn’t your thing (I totally understand, the mess is quite daunting), then you can use these origami pumpkins and draw faces on them. Now you have cute origami jack-o’-lanterns that you can display around the house to celebrate the holiday!

Origami Pumpkins

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