Puffy Ghost Halloween Craft [Free Ghost Printable]

This puffy ghost craft is easy to make with just a few materials. These adorable cotton ball ghosts are the perfect non-spooky Halloween ghost craft for kids.

Hanging Puffy Ghosts

Need a super quick and simple Halloween craft for your kids? 

The puffy ghost craft is great for toddlers and preschoolers because they can almost do everything by themselves with minimal help. Plus, kids love using glue for crafts, especially when they get to squeeze the glue out of the bottle and spread it all over the paper.

My 4 years old was able to cut out the ghost outlines from the free printable ghost template. The only thing she needed help with was cutting out the eyes and mouth. 

Sometimes, easy crafts are the best ones because your kids will really feel a sense of accomplishment when they finish the crafts all by themselves. They also come in handy when you are trying to homeschool your older kid and your younger one is left with nothing to do. 

Let’s make Halloween extra exciting with this fun and easy ghost craft!

Cotton Ball Ghost Craft



1. Download the puffy ghost template. You can also draw your own ghost!

2. Cut out the ghost(s).

If your kid is the one doing the cutting, remember it doesn’t have to be perfect. The ghost will be covered up by cotton balls anyway!


3. Glue the cotton balls on the ghost. Try to leave very little space between the cotton balls so your ghost looks nice and fluffy.

Puffy Ghost Glue Cotton Balls On

4. Cut out eyes and mouth for the ghost from the black construction paper.

Be creative and cut out different expressions! This Halloween ghost craft is a great opportunity to talk to your kids about the different emotions and what facial expressions match the emotions.

And if you want to take it one step farther, ask your kids why the ghost feels that way! Let your kids use their imagination to create a story about why the ghost is feeling happy, sad, surprised, etc. You can even write it down and paste the story on the back of the ghost craft for a sweet keepsake.

5. Glue the eyes and mouth on the ghost.

We ended up with one spooked ghost:

Puffy Ghost Cotton Balls on Black

And one happy ghost that is waving hi!

Happy Puffy Ghost on Black

6. Optional: Tape a piece of black yarn on the back of the ghosts and hang them up on your wall or doorknobs!

Puffy Ghosts on Doorknob

The puffy ghosts are so cute. My preschooler learned that you could pull apart the cotton balls to fill in the small gaps on the edges and she was obsessed. 

These cotton ball ghosts are not scary at all and they are adorable to hang up around the house. They are perfect for celebrating a not-so-spooky Halloween!









How to Download the Puffy Ghost Printable Templates

Click on the image below to grab your free Halloween ghost craft template.

Please note that the printable template is for personal or classroom use only. Print as many copies as you would like to prepare for your preschool or kindergarten ghost craft activity.

If your friends or coworker like a copy of the template, please refer them to this post so they can get their own!

Puffy Ghost Template Email List Opt-In

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