Halloween Vampire Handprint Craft for Kids [Free Template]

If your kids are a fan of Dracula or vampires, then they will love making this Halloween vampire handprint craft that uses their own hands for the hair and face!

Vampire Handprint Craft Completed

Halloween is a time for children to dress up in costumes and go trick-or-treating. It is also a time for parents to create fun crafts with their children. This craft can be an excellent activity for the whole family to do together or with friends at a Halloween party.

This Halloween vampire handprint craft for kids is a great way to get your children excited about Halloween festivities. If your kids are not familiar with vampires, you can read all about them in Vampire Boy’s Good Night or for older kids, What Is the Story of Dracula? Your kids will not only will they enjoy the process of making the craft, but they will also love how they get to use their own hands as part of the craft.

I recommend creating a handprint vampire craft for each member of the family. Then you can put all the finished vampires together and make one powerful supernatural family!

How to Make Halloween Handprint Vampire Craft


  • Construction paper or cardstock (black, purple, red, white)
  • Pencil
  • Gluestick
  • Scissors
  • Free printable handprint vampire craft template (scroll down to the bottom of the post to learn how to download the PDF file)

If your kids love handprint crafts, they might want to do as many as possible for Halloween! Save valuable time by downloading all 8 of the Halloween handprint craft templates in one PDF file today for $1.29!

Halloween Handprint Crafts Bundle


1. Trace your child’s hand with a pencil on purple paper and cut it out along the outline. Use the purple hand as a template and trace it onto black paper. Cut out the traced pattern. Now you should have two identical hands on different colored paper.

You can also stack the black and purple papers and cut them together. I find using this method a bit difficult because the papers move as you begin to cut them.

Handprint Vampire Craft Cut Out Hand Outlines

2. Download the free vampire handprint craft template and cut out all the template patterns. You may need to adjust the size of the template in your printer setting to fit your child’s hand.

3. Trace the hairline pattern onto the purple handprint cutout.

Handprint Vampire Craft Trace Hair Outline

Cut along the traced hairline. The bottom of the purple handprint will now become the face of the vampire.

Handprint Vampire Craft Purple Face Cut Out

4. Trace the template patterns on black, purple, red, and white paper as shown. You can just use the eye patterns as is if you wish.

Handprint Vampire Craft Trace Template Patterns

Cut out all the traced patterns.

Handprint Vampire Craft Cut Template Patterns

5. Glue the purple ears onto the two sides of the head. Make sure you glue the ears on the backside of the head.

Vampire Handprint Craft Glue Ears

Flip the head cutout over, and glue the head to the hair cutout (the black handprint).

Vampire Handprint Craft Glue Head on Hair

6. Glue the red tongue and white teeth to the black mouth cutout.

Vampire Handprint Craft Assemble Mouth

Then glue the assembled mouth to the face, along with the red bowtie.

Vampire Handprint Craft Glue Mouth to Face

7. Glue eyes to the face.

Vampire Handprint Craft Glue Eyes to Face

8. Finally, glue the eyebrows to the face, right above and slightly overlapping the eyes.

Handprint Dracula Craft

Final Thoughts on the Vampire Handprint Craft

The directions of the eyebrows can make a big difference in your Dracula’s facial expression. If you tilt both of them downward toward the space between the eyes, then the vampire will look angry. If you tilt both of them downward toward the ears, then your Dracula will have a more surprised look.

Feel free to cut out your own eyebrows or even draw your own eyes on the Dracula handprint craft!

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