Frankenstein Handprint Craft for Kids [Free Template]

Your kids will love putting Frankentein’s monster together with this Frankenstein handprint craft! Using their own hands, they can create Frankenstein’s face and hair, and the free template will take care of the rest.

Frankenstein Handprint Craft

If you’ve ever read Mary Shelley’s classic novel Frankenstein, you are familiar with Frankenstein’s monster. Even though Victor Frankenstein is the one who builds the horrific creature out of different body parts, people commonly refer to his monster as Frankenstein.

Now your child gets to build his or her own Frankenstein monster with this Frankenstein handprint craft! With the free template, it’s easy to assemble Frankentein one body part at a time. This simple handprint craft is a great way to take a popular Halloween icon and apply it to a Halloween-themed craft for kids.

If your kids are not familiar with Frankenstein and are too young for scary monster tales, check out Frankenstein: A Monstrous Parody. For older kids who are advanced readers, they can learn all about the the monstrous creature in the book, What Is the Story of Frankenstein?

How to Make Frankenstein Handprint Craft


  • Construction paper or cardstock (black, grey, and green)
  • Red marker
  • Pencil
  • Gluestick
  • Scissors
  • Printable Frankenstein handprint craft template (download directions at the bottome of this post)
Frankenstein Handprint Craft Materials

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1. Trace your child’s hand on green paper and cut out the traced handprint. Using the green handprint cutout, trace the hand outline on black paper. Cut the handprint out of the black paper.

Frankenstein Handprint Craft Cut Out Hands

2. Download and print out the template. You may need to adjust the printer settings and scale the template to fit the size of your kid’s hand.

Cut out all template patterns.

3. Trace the hairline onto the green handprint.

Frankenstein Handprint Craft Cut Hairline

4. Cut along the traced hairline and discard the fingers part of the green paper.

Frankenstein Handprint Craft Face Cutout

5. Trace the template patterns from the green, grey, and black papers as shown.

Frankenstein Handprint Craft Trace Template Patterns

Cut out all the template patterns.

Frankenstein Handprint Craft Cut Template Patterns

6. Glue the head hardware (the ears) to the sides of the head.

Frankenstein Handprint Craft Glue Ears to Face

7. Flip over the head cutout and glue it to the black handprint (the hair).

Frankenstein Handprint Craft Glue Face to Hair

8. Glue the black mouth to the face.

Frankenstein Handprint Craft Glue Mouth to Face

9. Glue the eyes to the face. Right now Frankenstein looks a bit shocked or surprised. I actually think it looks kind of cute like this, so the next step is optional.

Frankenstein Handprint Craft Glue Eyes to Face

10. Glue the eyelids over the top of the eyes. The eyelids give the Frankenstein monster a sleepy look, which is more true to what you typically see in a Halloween movie.

Frankenstein Handprint Craft Glue Eyelids to Face

11. Glue the eyebrows to the face, right above the eyelids. Depending on how you place the eyebrows, Frankenstein can look quite angry. It’s up to you how you want the facial expression to be for Frankenstein!

Frankenstein Handprint Craft Glue Eyebrows to Face

12. Use a red marker to draw 1-2 scars on the face.

Frankenstein Handprint Craft Draw Scars

And you are done with this Halloween craft! We hope you had lots of fun making this Frankenstein handprint craft with your kids. It’s a fun way to get the kids involved in the Halloween festivities and ensure they have a great time.

Handprint Frankenstein Craft

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