Witch Handprint Craft for Kids [Free Template]

Get kids excited about Halloween with this witch handprint craft! They will love using their own handprints to create a witch with a pointed hat and warts!

Handprint Witch Craft

Halloween is a magical time of year that brings with it memories of dressing up, trick-or-treating, and sharing treats with your friends and family. It’s also a time to celebrate the witch – a powerful and supernatural being.

If your kids are scared of witches, I suggest reading Room on the Broom. It’s such a wonderful story about helpful animals that help a witch recover her hat, and in return gets ride on her broom.

This witch handprint craft is a fun activity to do with your kids that will get them in the Halloween spirit! This simple witch craft will make a creative Halloween decoration and your kids will love seeing their own handprints transform into a witch.

How to Make a Handprint Witch Craft


  • Free witch handprint craft template (scroll to the bottom of the post for directions on how to download)
  • Construction paper or cardstock (black, orange, green, and purple)
  • Pencil
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors
Witch Handprint Craft Materials

We have all 8 of the Halloween handprint craft templates compiled in one printable file. You can save valuable time by grabbing the PDF file for a very low price of $1.29 today!

Halloween Handprint Crafts Bundle


1. Trace your child’s hand with a pencil on green and orange paper. Cut out the traced hand outlines with a pair of scissors.

2. Lay the green handprint over the orange handprint as shown. The green pinky should be between the orange index and middle finger.

Witch Handprint Craft Lay Green Hand Over Orange

Trace the line from the top of the green hand to the pinky on the orange paper.

Witch Handprint Craft Trace Hand

Cut along the traced line. The orange handprint will be the witch’s hair.

Witch Handprint Craft Cut Traced Hand

3. Download and print out the free witch handprint craft template. Cut out all the template patterns.

4. Trace the template patterns from the green, purple, and black paper as shown below.

Witch Handprint Craft Trace Template Patterns

Cut out all the traced template patterns.

Witch Handprint Craft Cut Out Template Patterns

5. Glue the orange handprint on top of the green handprint.

Witch Handprint Craft Glue Hands

6. Glue the purple strip onto the hat.

Witch Handprint Craft Glue Hat

7. Glue the hat to the head (orange and green handprints).

Witch Handprint Craft Glue Hat on Hands

8. Glue the ears and warts to the face.

Witch Handprint Craft Glue Ear and Moles

9. Glue the mouth, eye, and eyebrow to the face.

Witch Handprint Craft Glue Face Patterns

With the warts and the shape of the eyebrow, this handprint witch looks a bit evil! If your kid wants a friendly witch, you can draw on the eyebrow and mouth instead to make a more amicable facial expression. You can also omit gluing the warts on the face.

That said, the witch in Room on the Broom is a very kind and nice witch, and she looks a lot like this handprint witch, warts and all!

Feel free to add more details to the handprint witch craft if you want to. You can cut out more warts to add to the face, or draw some hair strands to the orange handprint.

Witch Handprint Craft

Click on the image below to download the free handprint witch craft template. Note that you may need to adjust the size of the template when printing to fit the size of your kid’s hand.

Handprint Witch Template Email List Opt-In

I hope you and your kids had lots of fun creating this simple Halloween handprint craft!

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