20+ Adorable Handprint Crafts for Kids

Handprint crafts for kids are such a fun way to get their little minds working and thinking. They are also a fun way for them to get their hands dirty.

Handprint Crafts for Kids

Creating handprint crafts has always been something fun for the kids to do. They will love using their hands to create something fun and colorful. While they are having so much, kids will never know how much they are learning at the same time!

These fun handprint crafts for kids range from simple everyday crafts to more seasonal focused crafts. Kids will love making these keepsakes and crafts that can be saved for years to come.

1. Handprint Bunny Craft for Kids from Simple Everyday Mom

Perfect for Easter, spring, or anytime, this handprint bunny craft for kids is a fun craft that they will love doing.

Handprint Bunny Craft for Kids

2. Handprint Sun Paper Plate Craft from Darcy and Brian

Using handprint cutouts and a paper plate, this fun and colorful sun makes the perfect preschool craft.

Handprint Sun Paper Plate Craft

3. Handprint Christmas Tree from Mama Smiles

Fun for the holidays, kids will love making their Christmas tree with cutouts of their handprints and some construction paper.

Handprint Christmas Craft Image

4. Handprint Keepsake Craft from Mama Smiles

Perfect for young children, this handprint keepsake craft is easy and fun to do. Once it is finished, it can be given to friends and family as a keepsake.


5. Handprint Turkey from Mombrite

Using a cutout of their handprints, this turkey comes to life and is the perfect fall or Thanksgiving craft for kids.

Handprint Turkey Craft (1)

6. Holiday Handprint Crafts from Mod Podge Rocks

These handprint holiday crafts include a snowman, a Christmas tree, and a cute little handprint Santa for kids to make.

Holiday Handprint Crafts

7. Handprint Flower Craft for Kids from Get Your Holiday On

A fun handprint craft for spring, these handprint flowers will make the perfect spring decoration for the house.

Handprint Flower Craft for Kids

8. Handprint Christmas Tree Craft from Foster to Adopt

Another fun and easy to make holiday craft, kids will love using their handprints to create a festive Christmas tree.

Handprint Christmas Tree Craft

9. Handprint Santa Card from Craft Bits

Kids can make these cute handprint Santa cards for the holidays and give them to friends and family. They will make the perfect keepsake or a fun keepsake gift.

Handprint Santa Card

10. Christmas Handprint Crafts from Crafts by Amanda

These holiday themed crafts will have kids creating trees, reindeer, and Santa with construction paper and buttons.

Christmas Handprint Crafts

11. Valentine Handprint Tree from Mombrite

Valentine is such a touching and warm holiday, and this Valentine’s Day handprint tree makes a wonderful keepsake and gift for the parents and grandparents.


12. Paper Pineapple Craft from Fun Handprint Art Blog

Super easy to make and fun for summer, this paper pineapple craft is so much fun to make.

Paper Pineapple Craft

13. Unicorn Handprint Posters from Fun Handprint Art Blog

Such a fun and cute handprint art craft for kids to make, this colorful unicorn poster craft is perfect for hanging in their room or on the fridge.

Unicorn Handprint Posters

14. Handprint Spider from Housing a Forest

Perfect for Halloween, this handprint spider craft is a fun craft for kids to do. For extra fun, kids can decorate their spider by drawing or decorating it.

Handprint Spider

15. Handprint Crabs from Things to Share and Remember

Fun for summer or learning about the ocean, kids will have a blast making these fun handprint crabs.

Handprint Crabs

16. Handprint Suncatcher from The Best Ideas for Kids

A great way for kids to get creative, this handprint suncatcher will also be a great way to brighten up your home.

Handprint Suncatcher

17. Handprint Flowers from The Best Ideas for Kids

Another fun handprint flower craft, these flowers will make a great craft that kids can show off and use as decorations when they are done.

Handprint Flowers

18. Salt Dough Handprint Crafts from The Best Ideas for Kids

Using salt dough, kids will love creating these fun crafts with their hands. These crafts can be used for keepsakes or holiday ornaments.

Salt Dough Handprint Crafts

19. Handprint Eagle Craft from Simple Everyday Mom

A fun and patriotic craft for kids, this handprint eagle craft is a fun way for kids to learn about a variety of different things.

Handprint Eagle Craft

20. Salt Dough Handprint Bowl from Messy Little Monster

Super cute and fun to make, this salt dough handprint bowl will make the perfect keepsake or can be given as a gift to friends and family.

Salt Dough Handprint Bowl

21. Four Seasons Handprint Tree from Arty Craft Kids

As children learn about the four seasons, this craft can be made to go along with their learning. They will love using the seasonal colors to create their tree.

Four Seasons Handprint Tree

22. Handprint Acorn Craft from Crafty Morning

Fun for fall, this handprint acorn craft is a great way for kids of all ages to get crafty and creative.

Handprint Acorn Craft

23. Dinosaur Handprint Craft from Mombrite

For your little dinosaur lovers, you can make Arlo from The Good Dinosaur with this easy handprint diplodocus craft.

Dinosaur Handprint Craft Black

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