Dinosaur Handprint Craft

One of my kids’ favorite dinosaurs is the apatosaurus. Even though they are fascinated by the tyrannosaurus, they love the apatosaurus’s gentle nature and its gigantic size.

Therefore, we are saying goodbye to our at-home dinosaur summer camp with a simple and cute apatosaurus craft. Using your child’s handprint tracings, you can create these adorable keepsakes for when your kids are older. My kids love finding their old handprint crafts and compare how big they have gotten since then.

Dinosaur Handprint Craft Black

You can also easily modify this handprint craft to make the diplodocus or brachiosaurus. After all, they are all sauropod dinosaurs that had a disproportionately long neck, small skull, and large overall size. They were also herbivores, which to my kids means that they are the “nice” dinosaurs. In fact, Arlo from The Good Dinosaur was an apatosaurus!

How to Make Handprint Dinosaur Craft



  1. Trace your child’s hand on the construction paper. Try to have him keep separate his thumb from his other fingers since the thumb will be the tail.
  2. Cut out the handprint.
  3. Place the handprint on the construction paper (I used the same one to save paper) and draw the neck and head of your dinosaur.
    Dinosaur Handprint Craft Head
  4. Cut out the dinosaur neck and head.
  5. Glue the dinosaur’s neck and head on to the handprint with the fingers pointing down.
    Dinosaur Handprint Craft Glue Head
  6. Draw the dinosaur’s eyes. If you have googly eyes around, you can also glue them on the head.
    Dinosaur Handprint Craft Eyes
  7. Decorate the dinosaur’s body. We cut out circles from a different colored construction paper, but you can use pom-poms, stickers, or just draw some shapes!
Dinosaur Handprint Craft

Isn’t the brachiosaurus adorable? Your kids will love displaying their handprint dinosaurs. I suggest marketing the name, age of your kid, and date on the back of the dinosaur. This way, when you find it years later when your kids are much older, you can see how much they have grown since this craft.

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