14 Fun Christmas STEM Challenges For Preschoolers

Make this Christmas extra fun and educational by exploring these Christmas STEM challenges! Your kids will love these festive engineering projects and activities.

Christmas STEM Challenges for Kids

Embrace the festive spirit and spark your child’s creativity this holiday season with our exciting Christmas STEM activities for kids! As the air fills with the magic of the season, there’s no better way to blend the joy of Christmas with the thrill of learning than through hands-on, engaging activities.

From building Santa’s sleigh to constructing a holiday-themed catapult, these Christmas STEM challenges promise to bring a dose of yuletide cheer to your child’s exploration of STEM concepts. Join us as we unwrap the perfect blend of festive fun and educational discovery, making this Christmas a time of learning and laughter for your little builders!

Christmas STEM Challenges & Activities

If you’re looking for festive yet educational Christmas STEM activities for kids, you’ve come to the right place. These Christmas-themed STEM challenges will not only get your preschoolers and elementary school kids excited about the festive season, but they will also teach valuable engineering and problem-solving skills.

Below you’ll find fun Christmas LEGO STEM challenges and plenty of fun STEM activities your kids will enjoy.

1. How To Build A LEGO Santa Sleigh

LEGO Santa Sleigh Complete (1)

Can you build a sleigh for Santa? Your little engineers will love this Christmas LEGO challenge! If you’ve been looking for a festive and Christmas-related STEM activity for your children, this activity is perfect for both boys and girls.

2. How To Build A LEGO Snowman

LEGO Snowman Steps (12)

Do you want to build a snowman? This Christmas LEGO challenge not only brings holiday cheer into your home but also sparks innovation and critical thinking! Your kids will love building this adorable LEGO snowman to accompany the LEGO Santa Sleigh they just made.

3. How to Create a Christmas Candle Carousel

KiwiCo Holiday Crate

Construct a beautiful Christmas Candle Carousel that spins due to aerodynamics! Inspired by a traditional German Weihnachtspyramide, this Christmas STEM project harnesses the heat from the candles to turn the blades of the fan.

For more details about the Christmas Candle Carousel crate, check out my honest review of KiwiCo crates here.

4. How to Build a Cozy Fireplace

There is nothing better than a festive fireplace to bring your family and friends together during the holidays. Your kids will love constructing their own fireplace that crackles and pops with the Cozy Glowing Fireplace from the KiwiCo store.

KiwiCo Fireplace Crate Contents

This holiday crate for ages 9+ comes with an instruction booklet with detailed descriptions and diagrams of how to build the fireplace. While following the steps, your kids can read all about different Christmas traditions around the world. 

KiwiCo Fireplace Crate Booklet

The booklet also contains scientific explanations of how a circuit works and how it allows the fireplace to flicker and crackle as if it were burning a real fire. And while we are on the topic of fire, what exactly is it?

KiwiCo Holiday Fireplace Crate Science Explanation

My kids had a blast building this fireplace together. My older kid was able to do most of the construction himself, while my younger one helped decorate the stockings with stickers. What a perfect project to do together as a family for the holidays!

KiwiCo Holiday Fireplace Crate

Make sure you check out the KiwiCo Store for lots of fun holiday projects that will make this Christmas a magical one!

5. LEGO Christmas Tree STEM Activity

LEGO Christmas Tree (6)

What better way to usher in the yuletide season than making Christmas Trees? Using their LEGO blocks, your little engineers will make their very own LEGO Christmas Tree.

This holiday STEM activity challenges your little ones to use their imagination and block-building skills to come up with unique LEGO Christmas tree designs.

Looking for more LEGO challenges? Make sure you grab the free Winter LEGO Challenge cards!

6. Build An Igloo For Santa Christmas STEM Challenge

Build Igloo Challenge (1)

Using marshmallows and their engineering skills, your preschoolers will have a blast building an igloo for Santa in the North Pole! This magical Christmas STEM Challenge utilizes delicious marshmallows as the building blocks for Santa’s igloo.

If you have a little Frozen fan in your life, be sure to check out the Edible Marshmallow Igloo activity.

7. Binary Code Alphabet Christmas Ornaments

Alphabet Coding Ornaments 3

This is another creative Christmas STEM Activity that doubles as a DIY Christmas Ornament craft activity for your elementary school kids. It’s a great way to teach your kids the basics of coding while bonding together as a family over the holiday season! You can also use these Christmas ornaments as homemade holiday gifts for friends and family.

7. The Best Cookies For Santa STEM Activity

Best Cookies for Santa STEM Activity

What are the best cookies to leave for Santa?

In this Christmas STEM Activity, preschoolers need to figure out what are the best cookies for Santa to eat with gloved hands. If Santa happens to drop the cookie in the glass of milk, the best cookie should float and not dissolve too fast.

9. Christmas Candy Cane Skittles Science Experiment

Christmas Candy Cane Skittles Experiment (1)

This Christmas Candy Cane Skittles science experiment is a super easy and colorful Christmas STEM activity. Your little ones will fall in love with this edible science experiment so much, they might want to do it over and over again!

Check out this easy-to-follow tutorial and start making beautiful Candy Cane Skittles here.

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10. Build The Tallest Shelf For Elf STEM Challenge

Tallest Shelf for the Elf Challenge (2)

Looking for a meatier STEM challenge for preschoolers? You need to do the Build The Tallest Shelf For Elf Christmas STEM Challenge.

As well as building the tallest shelf they can, your preschool learners also need to think about creating a wide and stable foundation. This requires young engineers to develop their spatial thinking and use their basic understanding of how the height of an object affects the center of gravity.

11. Popsicle Stick Catapult Snowball Fight STEM Activity

Popsicle Stick Catapult Snowball Fight Challenge (3)

Add some icy excitement to your festive season with the Popsicle Stick Catapult Snowball Fight STEM Activity! This imaginative and fun preschool Christmas STEM activity is also a great icebreaker game at your Christmas party or winter birthday party. Your preschoolers will love this snowball fight STEM activity while engaging their engineering minds.Grab the Snowball Fight Challenge free worksheet here for a fun science and engineering activity for your preschool kids.

12. Gumdrop And Toothpick Christmas Tree Challenge

Gumdrop Christmas Tree Challenge (6)

Bring the holiday spirit into your homeschool with a fun and. festive STEM challenge! With the Gumdrop Christmas Tree challenge, your preschool kids will have fun exploring how tall they can build a tree out of only gumdrops and toothpicks.

This creative exercise encourages critical thinking and problem solving, as well as harnesses their artistic skills to make the final product look like a real Christmas tree. Gather your supplies, and let the fun begin!

13. Tallest Marshmallow Snowman STEM Challenge

Tallest Snowman Challenge (1)

Who can build the tallest marshmallow Snowman? This adorable Christmas STEM Challenge is also a fun and educational edible science activity your preschoolers will love!

14. Candy Cane Bridge Christmas STEM Challenge

Candy Cane Bridge Challenge (5)

Looking for a more difficult Christmas STEM challenge for your preschoolers? This Candy Cane Bridge STEM Challenge will have your little engineers thinking hard! Using just candy canes, your little engineers have to come up with creative ways to construct a bridge that can withstand some weight.

Check out the tutorial for this preschool Christmas STEM Challenge now!

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