How to Build a LEGO Snowman

Learn how to build a LEGO snowman with buttons, a nose, eyes, and even a top hat! Making a LEGO snowman is a fun winter LEGO STEM challenge for your kids.

LEGO Snowman Steps (12)

Do you want to build a snowman? Seriously, after Frozen, can you ever build a snowman of any kind without singing that song first?

As part of the Winter LEGO Challenge, we are tackling the LEGO snowman today! Any time you are trying to build something round out of LEGO blocks, it’s always a little more difficult for the kids. After all, how do you get round edges when you are dealing with rectangular blocks?

The answer is… trial and error! Just like what we saw in the LEGO rainbow and the LEGO Christmas Tree, the first time you try and build a round edge may turn out too steep and you may need to take the blocks apart to rebuild. Or you may have a circle that is too short or too tall and you have to add or remove some blocks in the middle.

The LEGO snowman is also difficult because there are buttons on the bottom half of the snowman, and you need to arrange the colored blocks accordingly. Then you need to place the blocks in the right places for the eyes. Again, the only way to find out if you did it correctly is to try it. I think we have taken apart our LEGO snowman at least a handful of times before we were happy with it.

That’s why this is called a Winter LEGO Challenge! It’s meant to take your kids some brainpower and problem-solving skills to figure out.

There are so many ways to build a LEGO snowman. Below are steps we have taken to build ours in case your kids get stuck.

LEGO Snowman Instructions

Because we built our snowman out of miscellaneous pieces that we have at home, I won’t list out all the blocks we used. Instead, I will let you know the general dimensions and show you detailed pictures so you can follow along with the blocks you have at your house!

1. Build the base of your snowman. We are using all white blocks except for the buttons, nose, and eyes. The bottom level is 2×6. The one on top of that is 2×8. The third level is also 2×8, but with a black 1×2 block for the button. You can use a 2×2 block as well, but we didn’t have that many black 2×2 blocks so we were saving them for the hat.

LEGO Snowman Steps
LEGO Snowman Steps (1)

2. Add another layer of LEGO block, this time 2×10.

LEGO Snowman Steps (2)

3. Add another 2×10 layer on top, with the black block for the button in the middle. Then add another 2×10 layer on top of that with all white blocks.

LEGO Snowman Steps (3)

4. Add a 2×8 layer, with a black button in the middle. Then add a 1×4 block on top for the neck of the snowman.

LEGO Snowman Steps (4)

5. Add a 2×6 layer on top of the neck. This is the bottom of your snowman’s head.

LEGO Snowman Steps (5)

6. Add a 2×8 layer, but with a 2×3 orange block as the nose. Have one section of the nose come out a little bit from the head. If you don’t have a 2×3 block, then you can use a 2×2 block with a 1×2 white block behind it.

LEGO Snowman Steps (6)

7. Built a 2×8 layer with all white blocks.

LEGO Snowman Steps (7)

8. Add another 2×8 layer, but add two black 1×2 blocks for the eyes. Have them spaced 2 studs apart with a white 2×2 block in the middle.

LEGO Snowman Steps (8)

9. Add a 2×6 layer. Your snowman is done!

LEGO Snowman Steps (9)

10. But what snowman can go without a nice top hat? Add a 2×8 layer of black blocks and then two layers of 2×4 blocks to build the top hat.

LEGO Snowman Steps (10)
LEGO Snowman Steps (11)

I hope the LEGO snowman tutorial was helpful. If your kids are older, they can try and make a more 3D snowman with LEGO spheres for the body and head. Since my kids are in preschool and first grade, we stuck with a flat version of the snowman. But it turned out super cute!

LEGO Snowman Steps

If you haven’t checked it out yet, click here to get your winter LEGO challenge cards. Your kids can continue learning STEM all winter long with all the fun LEGO building challenges!

One of our favorite challenges was LEGO Santa’s sleigh. Your kids will love building the sleigh that holds all the Christmas presents!

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