How to Build a LEGO Christmas Tree

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Challenge your kids to build a LEGO Christmas tree and see what unique trees they come up with! Here are the ones we built for some inspiration.

LEGO Christmas Tree (8)

The holiday season is almost upon us, and how can we celebrate without tackling some winter LEGO challenges? The LEGO Christmas tree is an easy one to start with, and the kids will be thrilled to get in the spirit with their favorite toy.

Just like all the LEGO STEM challenges, the beauty of any LEGO challenge is that there is no right answer! Your kids can use their imagination and creativity to come up with their own LEGO design.

The complexity of the LEGO Christmas tree will depend on your child’s age and understanding of how to manipulate LEGO blocks. If you have multiple kids, have them do the challenge together and see what different results they come up with!

Make a LEGO Christmas Tree

Here I will show you two of the unlimited LEGO Christmas tree designs we came up with. The first one is easier and is more appropriate for preschoolers, while the second one is more for elementary school kids.

For either design, all you need are LEGO blocks. If you don’t have any or enough at home, the LEGO Classic Bricks set will have all the blocks you need. A LEGO baseplate is optional, but I find it always handy to have one around for challenges like the LEGO maze or the LEGO Plinko board.

DIY LEGO Christmas Tree: Design 1

First, pick out all the green LEGO blocks you have. If you don’t have that many green blocks, you can still build the tree and say that it’s covered with colorful ornaments.

LEGO Christmas Tree

Then, start by building the longest section of the crown. Next, just continue to build the “leaves” of the tree until you reach the top of the tree. Each section should be smaller than the previous so you get a nice triangle shape in the end.

Finally, add a couple of brown blocks for the tree trunk, and you are done!

LEGO Christmas Tree (1)

But what’s a Christmas tree without any decorations? We took out the smaller 2×1 LEGO blocks and replaced them with red pieces so that it looks like our LEGO Christmas tree has ornaments arranged all nicely on the branches. ‘Tis the season!

LEGO Christmas Tree (2)

DIY LEGO Christmas Tree: Design 2

For the first design, all the LEGO blocks were attached to the baseplate. This time, we are going to make a standing tree where the baseplate’s purpose is only to keep the tree up. Feel free to use a smaller plate if you wish.

For this tree, start with the trunk first by placing a couple of blocks on the plate, stacking them vertically. Just like the other tree, you want to start building the longest section of the crown on top of the tree trunk.

LEGO Christmas Tree (3)

Then continue to stack the green LEGO blocks on top of one another until you reach the top of the crown. For our first try, we thought the tree was a little stumpy. It was a little too wide and not tall enough.

LEGO Christmas Tree (4)

Therefore, we fixed it by placing blocks in between every layer that we built previously. This solved the problem and made the tree more like a tall isosceles triangle, which looks more like a Christmas tree.

LEGO Christmas Tree (5)

You can take out blocks as we did before to add colorful “ornaments” to the tree, but we decided to leave the tree as it is. Instead, we placed tiny pom-poms on it as decoration.

LEGO Christmas Tree (6)

I hope you and your child had a lot of fun coming up with a LEGO Christmas tree!

This LEGO Christmas tree is part of the winter LEGO challenge. You can grab the free printable LEGO challenge cards here!

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