How to Make a DIY LEGO Marble Maze

Learn how to make a LEGO marble maze that will test your kid’s fine motor skills and concentration. Your kids will love designing and building the LEGO maze and rolling the marble through it!

LEGO Marble Maze close-up picture

Marbles and LEGO blocks go together like peanut butter and jelly. After we had so much fun building and playing with the LEGO Plinko board, my kids want another DIY LEGO toy that uses marbles.

Hence, the LEGO marble maze was born. The engineer in me was thrilled. Not only does the LEGO maze require kids to use their creativity to build their own marble maze design, but it also tests their motor skills as they navigate the marble through the maze.

There are tons of ways to build a homemade LEGO marble maze out of basic bricks. It’s a fun STEM challenge for kids, and there is no wrong way to do it as long as the marble has a way to go from the entrance to the exit. 

How to Build a DIY LEGO Marble Maze



1. Build the border around the baseplate first. 

Make sure to leave two gaps for the start and the finish of the marble maze. Marble sizes may vary, so make sure your marble can fit through the gaps before you continue to build.

Build the LEGO Marble Maze Border to Start

2. Start building the path for your marble to get from the start to the finish. 

If you are stuck and not sure where to put the walls, you can use the maze generator for ideas.

3. Fill the rest with false paths and dead-ends. You may need to rearrange the pieces from the solution route to connect to these other paths.

Add Bricks in the LEGO Marble Maze to Form Paths

Keep in mind that the maze does not have to be perfect. Some paths may be 2 stubs wide, others might be 3 stubs. As long as your marble can fit through the paths, you are golden.

Completed LEGO Marble Maze

Getting the marble from the start to the finish may not be so easy. It takes great gross motor skills, fine motor skills, as well as hand-eye coordination to get the marble to go through different gaps. 

Plus, it takes a lot of patience. Your kid might get the marble stuck on one path and cannot get it through a gap. If he/she gives up, then he/she will never finish the maze. It’s a great parenting and teaching moment to calmly help your kid practice patience.

If your child is having trouble navigating the marble without it falling out of the maze, try doubling up on the walls. With higher walls, your child can tilt the board more to get the marble to where he/she wants it to go.

For younger kids, you may want to start with just one path and focus on getting the marble through the maze without it falling out. Then after your kid mastered that, you can build more paths for your kids to explore.

Cool LEGO Marble Maze Ideas to Try

The possibilities of the LEGO marble maze designs and play are endless! Here are some suggestions:

  • Instead of just one path, add multiple routes that can lead the marble from start to finish.
  • Build the walls higher and add bricks on top of the walls to cover the paths. Now you can’t see the marble in the maze. Will you be able to get the marble from start to finish blind?
  • Change up the colors to reflect the season or holiday. For example, use red, white, and blue bricks for a 4th of July LEGO marble maze! 
  • Use multiple marbles and see if you can get them from start to finish without one falling out of the maze.
  • You can time your kid and see how fast he/she can solve the maze. Then see if he/she can improve on that time the second or third time around.
  • If you have multiple kids, you can time all of them to see who can get the marble from start to finish the fastest.
  • Build themed LEGO mazes for different holidays! You can build a heart maze for Valentine’s Day, a pumpkin for Halloween, an ornament for Christmas, etc.
  • Invite some friends to come and join the fun! The kids can create marble mazes individually and then exchange the mazes and solve each other’s puzzles.
  • For older kids, you can even consider constructing a LEGO marble maze with multiple layers, so that the marble travels not only on a flat surface but also vertically!

If you like this LEGO marble challenge, check out the LEGO STEM calendar for more fun LEGO STEM challenges and ideas!

Final Thoughts on the LEGO Marble Maze

I love “freestyle” LEGO activities like this LEGO marble maze where you don’t have to follow an instruction manual to create something fun. It really sparks your kid’s imagination, creativity, engineering, and problem-solving skills! 

Don’t have a LEGO baseboard? Not a problem! You can also build a LEGO maze on the floor. Check out how you can guide a pom pom out of a LEGO maze by blowing on it with a straw!

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