30+ Creative Paper Plate Craft Ideas for Kids

Paper plate crafts for kids are always a fun way for them to get crafty and creative. They are also a great way to throw in some learning and can be used as a great educational tool for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Here are 30+ simple paper plate crafts for kids.

Paper Plate Crafts for Kids Image

Paper plate crafts are perfect for young children who are still learning how to create. These fun crafts will also help them practice their fine motor skills, color recognition, and hand-eye coordination, just to name a few, as they are putting the crafts together.

These paper plate crafts for kids are perfect for learning and creating. Each of these paper plate crafts is easy to make, fun, and colorful.

Paper Plate Animals

1. Paper Plate Unicorn by Simple Everyday Mom

Cute and easy to make, this paper plate unicorn craft includes a printable template that kids can use to create their very own unicorn.

Paper Plate Unicorn

2. Paper Plate Snake from Mombrite

Snakes don’t have to be scary. You can even hang it up with a string as a wind chime and watch it twirl in the wind.


4. Paper Plate Bunny Craft from Mombrite

This adorable paper plate bunny is perfect to welcome the spring and celebrate Easter.

Paper Plate Bunny (2)

4. Paper Plate Fish Craft from Honey and Lime

Fun and colorful, kids will enjoy creating this tropical fish craft made from paper plates. This is another great activity that can go with learning about the ocean.

Paper Plate Fish Craft

5. Penguin Paper Plate Craft by Making of a Mom

Easy to make, this penguin paper plate craft is a great way for kids to get creative.

Penguin Paper Plate Craft

6. Unicorn Paper Plate Craft from Two Kids and a Coupon

Another fun and cute unicorn paper plate craft, kids can create their unicorn with their favorite colors.

Unicorn Paper Plate Craft

7. Paper Plate Ocean Craft from Non Toy Gifts

Super cute and fun, this paper plate ocean craft is colorful and will go great with helping kids learn about the ocean.

Paper Plate Ocean Craft

8. Paper Plate Animal Masks from Crafts 4 Toddlers

Fun to play with and to make, kids will love getting creative to create their favorite animal masks.

Paper Plate Animal Masks

9. Paper Plate Caterpillars from In the Playroom

These cute caterpillars are fun and creative. Kids will love creating these colorful caterpillars.

Paper Plate Caterpillars

10. Ladybug Craft from Journey to SAHM

Cute and fun, this ladybug is made from red and black painted paper plates. Kids will love making their ladybug come to life with this craft.

Ladybug Craft

11. Paper Plate Polar Bear from Mombrite

This super easy polar bear craft celebrates the adorable arctic animal that all kids love.

Paper Plate Polar Bear Craft

12. Daniel the Lion Paper Plate Craft from Two Pink Peonies

Cute and fun, this Daniel the lion paper plate craft will go well with the book and preschoolers will love getting crafty.

Daniel the Lion Paper Plate Craft

Halloween Paper Plate Crafts

13. Paper Plate Pumpkin from Mombrite

This super easy paper plate pumpkin will have your toddlers and preschoolers excited for the fall and Halloween.

paper plate pumpkin 4

14. Paper Plate Spider Webs Craft from Mombrite

Halloween just got a little spookier with this spider web made out of paper plate and yarn.

Hanging Paper Plate Spider Web (4)

15. Halloween Witch Hat from Cutesy Crafts

Perfect for Halloween, this fun and easy to make witch hat will allow kids to get creative with their favorite Halloween decorations.

Halloween Witch Hat

16. Paper Plate Handprint Spider from In the Playroom

Fun for kids to make, this spider web craft is fun for Halloween or any time throughout the year.

Paper Plate Handprint Spider

17. Paper Plate Puffy Paint Pumpkin from Mombrite

Puffy paint is easy to make yet tons of fun for the kids to paint with. Use orange puffy paint on a paper plate and make a pumpkin craft that will feel nice and soft!

Puffy Paint Pumpkin Blank Background

Fall/Thanksgiving Paper Plate Craft

18. Scarecrow Paper Plate from Finding Zest

Cute for fall or for Thanksgiving, this easy to make scarecrow is made from a paper plate and fall accents.

Scarecrow Paper Plate

19. Paper Plate Apple Craft from Mombrite

A great way to get kids excited for fall, this paper plate apple craft is a fun activity to do with the children.


20. Paper Plate Turkey Craft from Mombrite

Explore a new way to paint by dipping cotton balls in paint and then dabbing them on paper plate with this fun turkey craft.

Cotton Ball Painted Paper Plate Turkey Craft (2)

21. DIY Fall Wreath Craft from Honey and Lime

A fun fall craft that kids will love making, this DIY fall wreath is made with paper plates and can be placed on the door to welcome guests.

DIY Fall Wreath Craft

22. Color Matching Turkey Craft from My Joy Filled Life

Perfect for Thanksgiving, this turkey craft is an educational craft that kids will love making and painting.

Color Matching Turkey Craft Joy

23. Monsters Inc Paper Plate Craft from Pixie Dust Savings

Kids will love putting together their favorite movie monsters with this fun and colorful paper plate craft inspired by the movie.

Monsters Inc Paper Plate Craft

Other Fun Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

24. Paper Plate Camping Craft from Non Toy Gifts

A fun paper plate craft for kids, this camping themed craft is perfect for spring or summer.

Paper Plate Camping Craft

25. Paper Plate Purse from Kitchen Table Classroom

Kids will love creating and playing with this fun paper plate purse. They can paint their purse in their favorite colors for extra fun.

Paper Plate Purse

26. Paper Plate Photo Props from DIY Candy

These fun paper plate crafts are a great way for kids to get crafty and will be a great way for them to play and take pictures with.

Paper Plate Photo Props

27. Pineapple Paper Plate Craft from Crayons and Cravings

An easy and fun summer craft that is perfect for the kids, this pineapple paper plate craft is fun and easy to make.

Pineapple Paper Plate Craft

28. My World Paper Plate Craft from In the Playroom

Fun and educational, this world paper plate craft is easy to make and will make a great learning activity for kids.

My World Paper Plate Craft

29. Carrots in the Garden Craft from Non Toy Gifts

Another fun spring craft, this paper plate craft will have kids making paper plate carrots that sit in a garden.

Carrots in the Garden Craft

30. Paper Plate Clocks from Any Reason Life

A fun and educational craft for kids, these paper plate clocks are a great way for kids to get creative and to learn to tell time.

Paper Plate Clocks

31. Paper Plate Watermelon Fans from Honey and Lime

Perfect for summer, kids will love making these paper plate watermelon fans that they can use to help cool off.

Paper Plate Watermelon Fans

32. Back to School Bus Craft from Honey and Lime

Using fun shapes and a paper plate, this back to school bus craft is perfect for getting kids excited about going back to school

Back to School Bus Craft

33. Paper Plate Pizza Craft from She Saved

Kids will love creating their very own pizza topped with their favorite cut out toppings with construction paper and paper plates.

Paper Plate Pizza Craft


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