Cotton Ball Bunny Craft [Free Template]

This adorable cotton ball bunny craft is perfect for Spring and Easter. Your kids will love gluing the cotton balls on the paper plate to create their cute baby rabbit!

Paper Plate Bunny (2)

There are no shortage of bunnies here in Arizona, and we see plenty of bunnies running around all-year-round. The best thing about living in an area with tons of bunnies is that the kids are always so excited to see them. They are so adorable with their fluffy tails and long ears.

Cotton ball crafts are perfect for creating a fuzzy bunny because it gives the bunny craft a soft and furry appearance. We have always loved cotton ball crafts, especially the puffy ghost craft for Halloween and the cotton ball penguin craft for the winter.

Here is a darling cotton ball bunny craft for preschoolers and toddlers. With the free template, it’s quick and easy to make, and your kids will love gluing the cotton balls on the paper plate.

This cotton ball bunny craft is a great activity to welcome spring and celebrate Easter! You can get a big bag of cotton balls and paper plates and make this craft in the classroom or a play date with a group of kids. Your little ones will love making this Easter bunny craft with their friends.

How to Make a Cotton Ball Bunny Craft



1. Print out the cotton ball bunny template and cut out all the pieces. Trace the inner ear, cheeks, and nose patterns on pink paper. Trace the whiskers on black paper. Cut out the traced patterns.

Paper Plate Bunny Template Patterns

2. Glue the inner ear patterns on the outer ear patterns.

Paper Plate Bunny Glue Ears

3. Glue the ears on the back of the paper plate. Make sure the ears are facing out. Hold the ears in place for a minute or or until the glue is dry to make sure the ears stay up.

Paper Plate Bunny Glue Ears on Plate

4. Squeeze some glue on the paper plate and glue the cotton balls on the paper plate. Continue until the entire paper plate is covered with cotton balls.

Paper Plate Bunny Cotton Balls on Plate

5. Glue the whiskers on the nose. Alternatively, you can glue whiskers directly on the cotton balls and then glue the nose on top of the whiskers. I find it easier to ensure that my whiskers are spread out evenly and symmetrically if I glue them on the nose first.

Paper Plate Bunny Whiskers on Nose

6. Glue the eyes and cheeks on the cotton balls.

Paper Plate Bunny Eyes and Cheeks on Cotton Balls

7. Glue the nose with whiskers on the cotton balls. The whiskers will overlap with the cheeks.

Paper Plate Bunny

You are done with the cotton ball bunny craft! I hope your kids enjoyed this easy Easter paper plate craft. For my kids, it was an excellent opportunity to allow them to be creative while practicing using scissors and glue.

If you have extra craft supplies around the house, you can bring them out and let your kids use their imagination to decorate the bunny. For example, they can glue a pink pom pom on the nose to make the cotton ball bunny more 3D. You can replace the paper eyes with large googly eyes. And for whiskers, you can use black pipe cleaners instead of the paper cutouts.

Happy crafting!

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