Easy Paper Fox Craft for Kids [Free Printable Template]

Your little animal lover will love making this paper fox craft. The free template makes the fox craft easy to make for your preschoolers and kindergarteners.

Paper Fox Craft

Do your kids love foxes? After reading books like the fun Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss and the hilarious A Pig, A Fox, and a Box by Jonathan Fenske, my kids are huge fans of foxes.

I can’t blame them, foxes are adorable! Have you ever seen a cute little Fennec fox at the zoo? These desert foxes are so tiny but they have huge ears to help regulate their body temperature.

Here is an easy paper fox craft for your little fox lovers! You can easily do this fox craft with preschoolers and kindergarteners who are working on their scissor skills. This fox craft can also be used for different holidays by making the fox hold holiday-themed items in its paws!

How to Make the Paper Fox Craft



1. Download and print out the paper fox craft template. Cut out all the template patterns.

2. On orange paper, trace around the fox’s head, body, tail, and front legs. On pink paper, trace around the fox’s inner ears. Trace everything else on white paper.

Cut all the template pieces out.

Paper Fox Craft Template Pattern

3. Glue the fox’s tail tip, face, and belly (all the white template patterns) on the orange tail, head, and body pieces, respectively.

Paper Fox Craft Glue White Pieces

4. Glue the front legs to the body template pattern. Make sure you apply glue just at the edge of the body so that the paws are not stuck to the body.

Paper Fox Craft Glue Arms

5. Trim the sides of the front legs along the outer edge of the body.

Paper Fox Craft Glue Head to Body

6. Glue the tail to the back of the body, keeping the tip of the tail facing upward. Draw the eyes and nose of the paper fox with a black marker.

Paper Fox Craft Draw Face

You can now display your paper fox craft anywhere! If your kids love animals, they will love having this cute little woodland creature around the house. You can even make a few of them and tape them to the wall for decor!

Paper Fox Craft (1)

Valentine’s Day Paper Fox Craft

You can customize this paper fox craft so that it fits any holiday. For Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, simply trace and cut out a small heart shape on red or pink paper. Then slide the heart shape under the front paws of the fox and glue in place.

Paper Fox Craft Glue Heart

You can write “I Love You” in the small heart to personalize it. This fox craft is a great homemade gift for friends, grandparents, and teachers for Valentine’s Day.

For Mother’s Day, one creative idea is to make two of these fox crafts, one big and one small. Then the big paper fox can hold the baby paper fox in its paws. How cute would that be?

Paper Fox Craft with Heart

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