Easy and Fun Paper Ladybug Craft for Kids [Free Template]

Bring in spring with this adorable paper ladybug craft! These lovely insects are beautiful and easy to make. They are perfect for preschoolers who love bugs!

If you show me most insects, my reaction is probably to run the other way. But there is something about butterflies and ladybugs that is so cute despite their little legs and way too many lenses in their eyes.

Paper Ladybug Craft

You know that spring is coming when ladybugs are awakening. Aphids emerge with the good weather coming around, and ladybugs feast on them. It’s a great opportunity to teach your preschoolers about the ladybug lifecycle and make this fun ladybug craft as part of your ladybug unit study.

The best thing about this 3D ladybug craft is that the wings pop off the page! This imitates a ladybug in flight, and you can always adjust the angle of the wings.

And the wonderful thing about any ladybug craft is that your preschoolers can practice counting while gluing on the black spots on the wings. Your kids can also decide how many spots each ladybug gets. In fact, not all ladybugs have black spots! Have you ever seen one without spots?

Not all ladybugs are red either. We are going to stick with the typical colors for this craft, but your kids can pick their favorite colors for their paper ladybugs.

How to Make a Paper Ladybug Craft

List of Supplies:

  • Red and black craft papers
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Googly Eyes
  • Scissors
  • Free ladybug template (download form located at the end of the post)


Step 1: Prepare the Patterns

Download and print out the free paper ladybug template. Trace the 2 round shapes on red paper and the rest of the patterns on black paper. Cut out the traced patterns nicely.


Step 2: Prepare the body

Take the body base pattern and glue the 2 antenna patterns on the top side of the base (the narrow end).

Paper Ladybug Craft Body

Step 3: Make the Wings

Grab the 2 red round shaped papers and fold then into half.

Paper Ladybug Craft Wings

Stick the small black round cutouts on the half folded red round shapes. Stick the black dots on the top side of the red folded paper. These are the wings of the paper ladybug craft.

Paper Ladybug Craft Wings (1)

Step 4: Putting the Ladybug Together

Attach the wings on the top of the body base, keeping a little gap between the wings from the bottom side.


Attach googly eyes on the narrow part of the body base pattern to complete the craft. I like using big googly eyes because I think they make the ladybug look extra innocent and cute! 

Paper Ladybug Craft (1)

If you don’t have googly eyes at home, you can substitute them with eyes you cut out of construction paper. Cut out two circles out of white paper and then two smaller circles out of black paper. Glue the black circles inside the white ones and you got the eyes for the ladybug!

You can display these paper ladybugs anywhere. I recommend using tape and sticking them to your windows. This way, it will look like there are little ladybugs flying every time you look outside!

Paper Ladybug Craft (2)

If you are doing this with your students in a classroom, I recommend cutting out the template patterns first. The small patterns are probably a little difficult for preschoolers and even kindergarteners and may take a lot of time to cut out. Though if you are not in rush and have no time restriction, it’s not a bad opportunity to let the kids practice their scissor skills!

Download the Free Paper Ladybug Craft Template

To grab your paper ladybug template, simply fill out the form below and it will be delivered to your inbox.

I hope your kids enjoyed making this easy ladybug craft!

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