Beautiful 3D Heart Flower Card [Free Template]

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For this Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any other special holidays and occasions, your kids can say “I love you” with this homemade 3D heart flower card!

3D Heart Flower Card (1)

What says “I love you” better than flowers? Well, chocolate (at least for me), but flowers are a close second.

This cute 3D heart flower card may look difficult to make at first, but it is actually very easy to make! With the free template, your kids can make it with just a little help from you.

Preschoolers and kindergarteners will love gluing together all the paper hearts, and they can practice their scissor skills by cutting out the template patterns. Older kids will have no problem creating the DIY heart flower card all by themselves!

Whether your kid is making this homemade heart flower card for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, or just express how much he or she loves someone, whoever is receiving this card will feel extra special. The flower petals and leaves are all made out of paper hearts, and the middle of the flower resembles a spiral rose!

How to Make 3D Heart Flower Card

List of Supplies:


Step 1: Cut Out the Flower Patterns

Download and print out the free heart flower card template.

Select 3 different colored craft papers for the heart flower card. We used pink for the petals, pastel green for the leaves, and red for the spiral center.

Trace the template patterns on the corresponding color papers. Cut out the traced patterns. Make sure you cut the coil lines in the spiral pattern.

You should end up with 10 hearts for the flower petals, two hearts for the leaves, and 1 coil for the middle.

3D Heart Flower Card Patterns

Step 2: Make the Flower Parts

Fold the heart patterns in half, symmetrically.

Take the spiral pattern and start rolling it from its outer edge. Continue rolling all the way to the center of the spiral pattern.

Apply glue to the center of the spiral pattern, which is now below the rolled pattern, and press the roll to the center. The center of the spiral pattern acts as the base with the roll on top. Hold the roll until the glue dries enough so that the roll doesn’t undo itself.

3D Heart Flower Card Fold Patterns

If you are having trouble with the spiral pattern, check out these detailed pictures of how you should roll the spiral pattern:

Spiral Pattern Paper Rose 5

Step 3: Prepare the Base of the Card

Cut a rectangle using a piece of cardstock paper. You can decide the dimension, just make sure you leave enough room for the flower. Fold the rectangular piece in half as the base of the card.


Step 4: Assemble the Paper Flower Heart

Take 2 of the folded heart patterns and glue them on the card side by side to form a full heart pattern. This is one petal of the flower.

3D Heart Flower Card Flower Petals

Repeat with the rest of the heart patterns. Make sure to keep a small space between the petals. With 10 heart patterns, you should end up with 5 petals.

3D Heart Flower Card Flower Petals 1

Glue the rolled spiral paper in the center of the heart flower pattern.


Glue the green folded heart patterns to the card as the leaves. Using a green marker, draw the stem.

3D Heart Flower Card Flower

Your 3D heart flower card is complete!

Don’t you love it when a craft looks so complicated but yet it’s actually simple to make? Your kids will be so proud of this heart flower card!

Since it’s a 3D card, it would be difficult to put it in an envelope to mail it to someone. It’s perfect though to give to classmates or teachers in person for Valentine’s Day or birthdays.

Instead of a card, you can even make it just on a piece of cardstock paper and hang it on the wall. It makes a beautiful wall art and a great conversation piece for when your kid’s friends come over!


If your kids liked making this paper heart flower craft, they will love making paper flowers that you can put in a vase.

And if your kids love 3D cards, I have an adorable heart hot air balloon card!

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