Pretty Paper Flower Craft for Kids

This quick and easy paper flower craft for kids is perfect for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. With just a few supplies, you can make beautiful paper flowers to give to your loved ones.

Paper Flower Craft Finished

We love paper flowers. They are beautiful, and they last forever unlike real flowers. Plus, they are fun to make for the kids!

This adorable paper flower craft makes a wonderful gift for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. It’s also a great way to welcome spring! With all the different colors in the spring season, you can make a whole bunch of these with different color construction paper.

There is a little origami involved in making this paper flower craft, which my kids loved. Kids of all ages will get to practice their fine motor skills by folding the paper. If you have younger kids (preschoolers and kindergarten), you can also enlarge the free paper flower template and print out larger pieces so it’s easier to fold for their little hands.

How to Make Paper Flower Craft

List of Supplies:

Paper Flower Craft Materials

Step-by-Step Instructions to Make Paper Flower:

Step 1: Cut Out the Flower Pattern

Choose the colors for the flower. We used red construction paper for the petals, yellow for the center part (pistil and stamen), and green for the leaves.

Trace the template patterns on the colored craft papers and cut them out. You need 4 rectangle paper cutouts for the flower petals, 1 round paper for the center of the flower, and 2 leaves.

Paper Flower Template

Step 2: Make the Flower Petals

Using one of the rectangular papers, fold it in half lengthwise to make a crease in the center of the paper. Unfold.

Fold all 4 corners of the paper inside to the center crease to make 4 small triangles. Make sure to fold them evenly.

Paper Flower Craft Fold Corners

Fold the paper in half lengthwise again so you don’t see the folded corners.

Paper Flower Craft Fold Half

Fold the paper in half again so that the corners line up.

Paper Flower Craft Fold Half 1

Unfold the last fold and apply glue carefully on the short side near the edge (open side of the folded paper).

Paper Flower Craft Glue

Fold the paper in half again and press gently along the edge with the glue. This makes 2 flower petals.

Repeat with 3 other regular papers to make all the flower petals. Allow the glue to dry completely before moving to the next step.

Paper Flower Craft Flower Petals

Step 3: Putting the Flower Petals Together

Apply glue near the short edge (open side of the folded paper) like before, but this time on the outside of the folded paper. 

Paper Flower Craft Flower Petals 1

Match another folded paper with the one with the glue and press gently to join them together. 

Repeat until all 4 sets of flower petals are joined together. Allow the glue to dry completely.

Paper Flower Craft Flower Petals 2

Open the glued flower petals to form a round pattern. Apply glue to one side and join the 2 open sides together. Hold the glued parts together until the glue dries. Now you have all the flower petals together in a round flower pattern!

Paper Flower Craft Flower Petals 3

Step 4: Assemble the Paper Flower

Stick the round paper in the center of the flower petals. 

Glue the flower and the leaves on a popsicle stick.

Paper Flower Craft Popsicle Stick

Your paper flower craft is now complete!

Aren’t these paper flowers pretty? It’s amazing what you can make out of craft or construction paper!

Paper Flower Craft Finished (1)

You can make a whole bunch of these flowers and place them in a small vase as a homemade gift for your friends, family, or teachers. They will love displaying these flowers in their homes.

If you are making these in your classroom with younger kids and are short on time, I suggest cutting out the flower pieces prior to class. This way, all your students have to worry about is folding and assembling the flower. 

I hope you and your kids enjoyed making these 3D flowers out of construction paper. Let’s spring into nice weather with these fun paper flowers!

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