How to Make an Origami Corner Bookmark

When you think of origami, you might think of paper cranes or a heart. However, you can use origami to fold up practical items you can use in everyday life! The origami corner bookmark is a great example of a functional application of this ancient Japanese art of paper folding.

Basic Corner Bookmark on Book

Growing up in Taiwan, we used origami to substitute for items we otherwise would have to purchase. For example, we would fold paper cups when we don’t have a cup, or a paper box to share our snacks. 

I am excited to show you how you can make a corner bookmark out of paper! Don’t let the word origami scare you – this basic paper corner bookmark is easy to make, and fun to decorate. My 4 and 6 years olds can make it by themselves after practicing a few times.

How to Make a Paper Corner Bookmark

All you need is a piece of paper to make the corner bookmark. You can use origami paper, printer paper, or construction paper. Just avoid using cardstock paper or index cards because they are too thick and will make your bookmark too bulky. 

The size of the paper should depend on the size of your book! For small chapter books, an origami paper or even a piece of sticky note would be preferred. For big, encyclopedia-type of books, you may want to use a piece of printer or construction paper.

Step-by-Step Directions:

Make a Square

  1. If you are starting off with a rectangular piece of paper, we need to make a square first. Fold over one corner of your paper and line the edges up to create a triangle.
    Basic Corner Bookmark 1
  2. Cut the excess rectangular section off. You may want to save it to decorate the bookmark later.
    Basic Corner Bookmark 2

Folding the Corner Bookmark

  1. Fold the paper in half diagonally to form a triangle. If you did the steps above to make a square, you already have done this step.
    Basic Corner Bookmark 3
  2. Rotate the triangle so that the longest side (folded edge) is closest to you. The right angle should be facing up.
  3. Fold the right bottom corner of the triangle up to meet the top point. 
    Basic Corner Bookmark 4
  4. Repeat for the left side.
    Basic Corner Bookmark 6
  5. Open both corners back up. 
    Basic Corner Bookmark 7
  6. The creases you made from steps #3-4 will intersect in the middle of the folded edge. Fold the right corner toward the middle of the folded edge. 
    Basic Corner Bookmark 8
  7. Repeat for the left side.
    Basic Corner Bookmark 9
  8. Open the two corners back up.
    Basic Corner Bookmark 10
  9. Fold ONE of the top points down toward the middle of the folded edge. There are two layers of paper, and you only need to fold the top layer down. This will create the pocket for your corner bookmark.
    Basic Corner Bookmark 12
  10. Fold one corner of the triangle back up toward the top point, except now you are going to tuck the top part into the pocket of your bookmark. 
    Basic Corner Bookmark 13
  11. Repeat for the other side.
    Basic Corner Bookmark 14
  12. You finished your basic origami corner bookmark!

You can decorate your paper corner bookmark whatever way you like! Draw on it with markers, stick some colorful stickers on it, cut out some teeth to make a monster … be creative! Just don’t use bulky items like pom-poms, or else you will have trouble closing your book!

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