Cute Paper Hedgehog Craft [Free Template]

Make this cute paper hedgehog craft for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or any other special occasion! It’s easy with the free printable template so you can make more than one!

Heart Paper Hedgehog Craft

Hedgehogs are so adorable. I remember my friend back in high school had one, and it was surprisingly nice to hold. When a hedgehog is relaxed, its quills will not poke into your skin. I loved watching it run around and burrow into its den.

Here is a cute hedgehog craft for kids who love the spiky creatures! With the free printable hedgehog template, it’s easy to make and you only need different colored papers for the craft.

Since it’s close to Valentine’s Day, we cut out a little heart for the paper hedgehog to hold. Your kids will love creating this sweet hedgehog Valentine that they can give to friends and classmates.

How to Make Hedgehog Craft for Kids

List of Supplies:

Hedgehog Craft Materials


1. Download and print the hedgehog craft template.

2. Cut out all the template pieces. Trace and cut out the body, the snout, and the arms from the light brown paper, the spikes from the dark brown paper, and the inner ear pieces from the pink paper.

Hedgehog Craft Step 2

3. Make the hedgehog’s ears by gluing the inner ear patterns in the middle of the ears. Glue the snout in the middle of the face.

Hedgehog Craft Step 3

4. Glue the arms on both sides of the body. Make sure you only apply glue on the outer edge only so that the rest of the arm is not glued down.

Hedgehog Craft Step 4

5. Trim the arms so that they align with the outer edge of the body. You are now done crafting the hedgehog’s body.

Hedgehog Craft Step 5

6. Glue the body pattern in the middle of the spiked pattern.

Hedgehog Craft Step 6

7. Use a black marker or sharpie to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth of the hedgehog. You can draw whatever expression you would like.

Hedgehog Craft Step 7

8. Optional: For Valentine’s Day, you can have the hedgehog hold a paper heart. Simply trace and cut out a heart shape from the red paper. Slide the heart under the hedgehog’s hands and glue in place.

Hedgehog Craft Step 8

Valentine’s Day Hedgehog Craft

Even though this cute hedgehog craft is perfect for Valentine’s Day, you can easily use it for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or any other occasion! You can even substitute the heart for something else, such as a candy cane for Christmas or a mini cake for birthdays.

Heart Paper Hedgehog Craft (1)

If you have googly eyes around the house, you can also glue them on the face instead of drawing the eyes. For even more 3D effect, you can also use a tiny black pom pom or bead for the nose.

I hope you enjoyed making this hedgehog craft!

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