Easy and Cute Paper Heart Bee Craft [Free Printable Template]

This paper heart bee craft is a fun and creative activity you can do with your kids for Valentine’s Day! The bumblebee craft is easy and cute, and you can add funny bee puns for extra sweetness!

Paper Heart Bee Craft 1

Bees are such an important part of the ecosystem. They help pollinate plants that we end up eating. Without bees, we would not be eating half of the food that is readily available to us now.

For this Valentine’s Day though, bees are taking on a different yet crucial role. This adorable and easy paper heart bee craft is going to help our kids express their love!

With heart-shaped wings and antennas, this Valentine bee is a fun activity to do at home or in the classroom with your little ones. Your kids can choose the colors for the wings and use their creativity to draw the face. There is nothing better to say “bee mine” on Valentine’s Day!

How to Make Paper Heart Bee Craft

List of Supplies:


1. Download and print the free template. Cut out the patterns.

2. Trace the template patterns on colored craft papers. You can choose whatever color you would like. We used yellow for the body (square shape with rounded corners), black for stripes and antennas, and two shades of blue for the heart-shaped wings.

3. Cut out the traced pieces.

Paper Heart Bee Craft Step 3

4. Glue the small hearts on the ends of the antennas. Glue the small wing hearts on the big wing hearts.

Paper Heart Bee Craft Step 4

5. Glue the 3 wider strips horizontally on the bottom half of the body.

Paper Heart Bee Craft Step 5

6. Trim the sides of the strips along the outer edges of the body. Glue the heart antennas on the backside of the head.

Paper Heart Bee Craft Step 6

7. Glue the heart wings on both sides of the body.

Paper Heart Bee Craft Step 7

8. Use a black marker to draw the face on the bee. You can draw a smiley face like we did, or you can go with a different expression.

Paper Heart Bee Craft Step 8

9. Optional: Cut a small heart out of pink construction paper. Glue the heart to the body of the bee on top of the wide strips.

Paper Heart Bee Craft

If you wish, you can even add Valentine’s Day bee puns to the small pink heart. You can write “bee mine,” “bee my love,” or if you can write small enough, “you’re sweeter than honey.”

And if you are making this bee craft with your kids just for fun, you can write “Always bee yourself” to remind your kid that no matter what, who they are is good enough.

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