Super Fun Easter Minute to Win It Games for Kids

Play these fun Easter Minute to Win It Games for kids to make the holiday an unforgettable one! These games use common Easter items and are super easy to play!

Easter Minute to Win it Games for Kids

Minute to win it games are fun, especially for energetic kids! After all, kids are probably the most competitive individuals on the planet. If you just say, “the first one to … is the winner!” and magically things will get done.

For this Easter, you can play these creative games at an Easter party or family get-together. You can have the kids play against each other, or make it a family event and play all together as a group!

These Easter minute to win it games require very little supplies to generate tons of giggles. Most of them involve popular Easter items like plastic Easter eggs, baskets, and Peeps. You probably already have them in your house for your kids to enjoy the holiday.

If you are looking for some inspiration for Easter fun, look no further. Below is a list of some super fun Easter minute to win it games for kids. Feel free to modify the game as needed for your children’s age. Get ready for lots of laughter and excitement!

Fun and Easy Easter Minute to Win It Games for Kids

Upright Egg

Each player attempts to make eggs stand upright. The player with the most standing eggs after time is up wins. 

You will need plastic or chocolate Easter eggs for this one. To make it more interesting try balancing the eggs on a rounded surface like a football or an inverted plastic egg’s bottom. 

Easter Minute to Win it Games Upright Eggs

Egg Transfer

Each player gets a basket full of plastic Easter eggs. Each player also needs his or her own empty basket placed about 1-2 feet away from the basket with eggs. Each player will then use a straw to suck up the eggs and transfer them to the empty baskets. No hands allowed! The player with the most eggs in the baskets wins.

Tower of Eggs 

Using paper towel or tissue rolls, build a tower. Alternate each roll with an egg and see who can build the tallest standing tower when the time stops. Doesn’t count if the tower falls over!

Bunny Relay Race

Players group in teams of four. Then, have one member from each team hop to the finish line and back and then tag the next player to do the same. The team that completes the relay within the minute wins the game. Get everyone to put on some bunny ears and have a good laugh. 

Easter Minute to Win it Games Bunny Hop

Out of the Maze

Make a maze using cardboard boxes. Simply cut off rectangular pieces of cardboard and glue them inside another cardboard box in such a way that they make a path for the egg from one side of the box to the other. Then each player rolls an egg through the maze. Points go to the player who gets the egg to the other side first before the timer goes off.

Peeps stack game

You will require a box of Peeps, a timer, and a plate. Every player gets 1 minute to stack the Peeps to the highest point possible. Players will have fun stacking Peeps (without falling over) in a minute. Knowing kids, some Peeps will probably get eaten in the process.

Peeps Face

A spin-off of the popular minute to win it cookie face game, kids will for sure love this silly Easter version. Place a Peeps marshmallow on your kid’s forehead. Using only their facial muscles and nothing else, they’ll need to move the Peep marshmallow down their face and into their mouths. It’s a hilarious game to watch!

Egg Race

We can’t celebrate Easter without the good ol’ egg race! Using a spoon, players race across the room to see who can get to the finish line without dropping the egg. Then run back to grab another egg and place it on the spoon. The person who gets the most eggs across the room wins. You can use real eggs if you want to kick it up a notch, but beware of the mess!

Easter Minute to Win it Games Egg Spoon Race

Put the Egg Together

Place many unmatched half plastic eggs on a table. Every player will try to match the top and bottom of each egg and place it in a basket at the corner of the room. A player can only match one egg at a time. They will move on to the next only when they’ve placed the completed egg in the basket. Whoever has the fullest basket at the end of the minute wins. 

Three-Legged Egg Race

This Easter minute to win it game is similar to the “put the egg together” game above, but with more teamwork! Teams of two tie one set of legs together. Then with one hand behind the back, they match the bottom and top half of the eggs using their free hands. Next, they will make their way to the basket to drop an egg in, before coming back to get another one.

One-Handed Pickup

In this game, players pick up some Peeps marshmallows or Robbin eggs using a spoon with their dominant hand behind their back (righties use their left hand). Then they put the candy into a small jar to see who can fill it up first before the minute is up.

To switch things up, you can have players hold the spoon in their mouth and have both their hands tied behind their back.

Egg on Your Head

One player puts an Easter basket on their head. Then another player tosses eggs into the basket on the team player’s head. The goal is to toss as many eggs as possible to beat the other teams.  

 Eggs Go Go Go

Use chalk (or removable tape indoors) to mark lanes on the floor. Players race to the finish line while rolling eggs with a stick or using only two fingers. Each player needs to stick to his or her lane. If the egg strays into the next player’s lane, they’re required to go back to the starting line and restart.


Break out the fun this Easter with these easy Easter minute to win it games You can adapt these games to suit your location and the age of players. Have tons of fun!

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