Paper Heart Butterfly Craft [Free Template]

This adorable heart butterfly craft is perfect for Valentine’s Day. With the free printable template, you can make this butterfly craft easily with your kids.

Heart Butterfly Craft

Want to make a special someone’s heart flutter this Valentine’s Day? Your kids can do just that with this cute paper heart butterfly craft.

Using only a few materials, this butterfly craft is really fun for kids of all ages, including toddlers, kindergartners, and preschoolers. You can have the kids practice their scissor skills by letting them cut out the template patterns. In the case of toddlers, you may want to help cut out the template and they will have a blast gluing the pieces together.

If you don’t have colored construction paper readily available, you can also just print the free butterfly template on white paper. Then have your kids color and decorate the body, antennas, and wings with crayons, colored pencils, or markers.

Paper Heart Butterfly Craft for Kids

List of Supplies:

Heart Butterfly Craft Materials


1. Download and print the free butterfly template.

2. Cut out the template patterns. You can choose whatever colors you would like for your butterfly. Pick your favorite colors or use Valentine’s Day themed colors!

Trace the patterns on the colored construction papers that you selected. For example, we used yellow for the body and different shades of pink for the wings.

Cut out the template pieces from the colored papers.

Heart Butterfly Craft Step 2

3. Glue the heart antennas on the butterfly’s head. Glue the medium-sized hearts on the big ones to create the wings.

Heart Butterfly Craft Step 3

4. Glue the heart wings on both sides of the butterfly body.

Heart Butterfly Craft Step 4

5. Glue the googly eyes on the head. If you don’t have googly eyes, you can make eyes out of white and black construction papers. Use a black marker or Sharpie to draw the smile on the butterfly’s face. Draw little circles for the cheeks of the butterfly with the pink marker, and lines on the body with the gold marker.

Heart Butterfly Craft Step 5

I hope you and your kids enjoy making this simple butterfly craft together! These are also great art projects for the spring when the warm weather brings lots of beautiful butterflies. You can use different colored construction papers and make lots of them!

Heart Butterfly Craft

Butterflies love flowers, so why not make some pretty paper flowers to go along with your butterflies? You can glue them on a large piece of cardboard to make a lovely spring scene!

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