Free Printable Valentine’s Day Coloring Cards

If your kids love to color and want to design their own Valentines for their friends, they will love these free printable Valentine’s Day coloring cards.

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Kids are always super excited about Valentine’s Day and want to make their Valentine’s Day cards special. It brings kids so much joy to hand out Valentines to their friends and classmates in school.

These free printable Valentine’s Day coloring cards are perfect for kids who love to color and want to personalize their Valentines. They can choose which colors they want to fill in the cute illustrations and color them whatever way they like.

Here is my collection of 7 free printable Valentine’s Day cards to color. You can let your kids pick which one they would like to color, or print them all! These Valentine’s Day cards filled with food puns are cute, quirky, and funny. 

Valentine’s Day Coloring Card Designs

This set of printable Valentine’s Day cards to color includes the following designs:

  1. You got pizza of my heart
  2. I love you from head To-Ma-Toes
  3. I love you S’more
  4. My heart beets for you’
  5. Perfect Pair
  6. I love you a latte
  7. Love Muffins 
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How to Decorate the Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

Your kids can color the cards with crayons, markers, and colored pencils. If you don’t mind the mess, you can even bring out the paint and paintbrushes and let your kids go wild!

This is a good opportunity for younger kids to practice coloring inside the line. Often times it’s hard to incentivize kids to color within the lines. However, since these cards are for their friends, they may want to show off their coloring skills and pay more attention when coloring.

You can also encourage your kids to decorate the coloring cards with glitter, stickers, paper flowers, etc. Give them a variety of decorations to explore their creativity on the card. My kids enjoy writing their friends’ names on the cards and adding sweet poems on the back. 

Adding a small gift or treat with the card is always a good idea. You can place them in a small plastic or paper bag and attach them to the card. Below are some excellent options:

Valentine's Day Coloring Cards Mockup

How To Print Valentine’s Day Coloring Cards

To download these adorable coloring cards, simply fill out the form below and the file will be sent to your email. Please note that these free Valentine’s Day cards are for personal and classroom use only.

You can print these coloring Valentine’s Day Cards out on cardstock paper and simply cut them out. I personally love using the paper cutter for projects like this to ensure smooth edges.

Print as many as you need for all the kids who love to color. You can even print extra ones for your kids to give to their friends who are also fans of coloring.

Hope you add joy and colors to your kid’s life on this Valentine’s Day with these fun and free Valentine’s Day coloring cards. Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

If you print out these cards for your kids to color, please take a picture and tag me on Facebook or Instagram (@mombrite)! I would love to see your kid’s work and happy faces!

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