How to Make Paper Plate Snake Craft

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We just moved to Arizona, and one thing we have to watch out for here is rattlesnakes. 


Instead of feeling anxious about the fact we have to watch out for rattlesnakes, my fearless kids are quite excited about potentially seeing them. 

Mommy does not feel like going out to track down rattlesnakes, so we are making our own snakes at home out of paper plates!

How to Make Paper Plate Snakes

This post contains affiliate links. Please see my full disclosure policy for details.



  1. Draw a spiral from outside to the center of the paper plate. Paper-Plate-Snake-Craft-7
  2. Decorate the paper plate with markers or crayons. Let your kid’s imagination run wild!Paper-Plate-Snake-Craft-2
  3. Cut along the spiral until you reach the center of the paper plate. Paper-Plate-Snake-Craft-1
  4. Cut a small rectangle from the red construction paper. Cut a small triangle at one end of the rectangle to make the snake’s forked tongue. Paper-Plate-Snake-Craft
  5. Glue the tongue to the bottom of the snake’s head. Paper-Plate-Snake-Craft-4
  6. Glue two googly eyes or draw eyes on the snake’s head. Paper-Plate-Snake-Craft-3
  7. Using the scissor, carefully puncture a small hole at the base of the snake’s head. Paper-Plate-Snake-Craft-5
  8. Thread a piece of string through the hole and tape it to the paper plate. Paper-Plate-Snake-Craft-6
  9. Lift up the string and watch the snake come alive! Paper-Plate-Snake-Craft-8

Final Thoughts on the Paper Plate Snake Craft

If your kid hasn’t done so, have your kid run with the snake behind him/her while holding the string, almost like flying a kite. The snake will spin round and round, which is my kid’s favorite thing to do with the snake.

Similarly, your kid can hold the snake by the string and spin in circles. The snake twirls really fast this way – just stop your kid before he/she gets too dizzy!

After your kid is tired, you can always hang up the snake. The snake will act as a wind chime, and as long as there is some air moving in the house, it will slowly twirl. 

This fun paper plate snake craft is one of our favorite paper plate crafts for kids. I hope your kid enjoyed playing with their paper plate snakes too!

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