Star Wars Paper Plate BB-8 Craft [Free Printable Template]

Star Wars fans of all ages will love making this adorable paper plate BB-8 craft. With the free printable template, this Star Wars craft is easy to do with your preschooler, kindergartener, and elementary school kids.

Star Wars Paper Plate BB-8 Craft

Who doesn’t love the adorable BB-8 droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens? As a fan of R2D2, I was so excited when BB-8 rolled (quite literally) onto the screen.

With May 4th just around the corner, we decided to make a fun paper plate BB-8 craft to celebrate Star Wars Day. Since BB-8 is basically a head on top of a ball, a round paper plate is perfect for its body.

The coloring for BB-8 is quite simple as well. Most of its head and body are white, and besides the black eyes (or photoreceptors if you want to get technical), the rest of him consists of orange and silver details. I have a free printable template that you can download with all the panels and designs to make this craft easy to do for your kids.

How to Make BB-8 Paper Plate Craft for Kids



1. Download and print out the free paper plate BB-8 craft template. Cut out all the pieces. Make sure you sort the template pieces into groups by the colors noted on the template. This will help you keep organized for the next step.

2. Trace the template patterns on the corresponding colored construction papers. Cut out all the traced patterns with scissors.

Star Wars Paper Plate BB-8 Craft Template Patterns

3. Glue the two full white wheels and the one half-wheel in the middle of the orange circles and half-circle, respectively.

Next, glue the curved strip in the front and the two grey antennas in the back of the head cutout. Both the curved strip and the antennas should be located at the top of the head.

Star Wars Paper Plate BB-8 Craft Glue Antennas om Head

4. Glue the small grey strips in the middle of the white wheels. The full wheels should have two grey strips parallel to each other like an equal sign, and the half wheel should just have one grey strip.

Glue the orange strips on the head, with the longer strips horizontal on the two sides of the head and the smaller strips vertical on the bottom of the head.

Star Wars Paper Plate BB-8 Craft Glue Panels and Details

5. Trim the orange strips along the outline of the head cutout.

Star Wars Paper Plate BB 8 Craft Trim Panels and Details

6. Glue the big eye in middle of the head cutout, and the smaller eye slightly below the big eye and to the right.

Use a black marker or Sharpie to draw the details and design on the body, grey curved strip, and grey antennas.

When you are done adding the details, glue the bottom of the head pattern to the top of the body pattern.

Star Wars Paper Plate BB-8 Craft Glue on Eyes

7. If you have noticed, you actually have a complete paper BB-8 craft at this point! However, we like to take the extra step and glue the body cutout to a paper plate (or you can use any round container that has the correct diameter). This gives the BB-8 craft a more 3-dimensional look. It also allows you to lean the BB-8 craft against the wall to prop it up for decoration.

Paper Plate BB-8 Craft

I really hope you enjoy making this paper plate BB-8 craft with your little Star Wars fan! I bet he or she would be super excited to use the BB-8 craft to re-enact scenes from his or her favorite movies.

May the Fourth be with you!

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