Pug Dog Paper Bag Puppet Craft [Free Printable Template]

Your kids will have so much fun making this pug dog paper bag puppet craft to show how much they love their pet pugs! This puppy craft is perfect for dog lovers and comes with a free template for easy assembly.

Pug Dog Paper Bag Puppet Craft

Preschoolers and kindergarteners love paper bag crafts because they are easy to make and tons of fun to play with. The paper bag puppets are perfect for pretend play, storytime, and a puppet show!

I have so many friends who are in love with their pugs. Being a dog lover myself (I have a German Shepherd), I can understand their obsession with their fur babies. What’s even more heartwarming is that their kids grew up with the puppies, so there is such a close bond between the kids and the dogs.

For all the pug lovers out there, there is an easy pug dog paper bag puppet that your kids can make to show their love for their best friends! This super cute dog craft is so simple to make with the free template and your kids will love showing it off to their pugs after. 

How to Make a Paper Bag Dog Puppet


Pug Dog Craft Supplies


1. Prepare the dog template patterns.

Download and print the free dog puppet craft template. Trace the ears, muzzle, and eye patches on brown paper. Trace the nose and mask (the two pieces behind the muzzle) on black paper. Trace the head and body on tan paper. And finally, trace the tongue on red paper.

Cut out all the template pieces.

Pug Dog Paper Bag Puppet Craft Template Patterns

2. Assemble the Head

Glue the ears on both sides of the head cutout. Next, glue the eye patches on the head cutout and the eyes on top of them.

Put together the two mask pieces by gluing the smaller piece behind the bigger one. Position the mask on the head cutout and glue it in place.

Glue the tongue to the back of the muzzle, and glue the two pieces together on the mask. Finally, glue the nose on top of the muzzle to complete the pug’s head.

Pug Dog Paper Bag Puppet Craft Closeup

3. Complete the Paper Bag Puppet

Finish the Pug paper bag puppet by gluing the body cutout to the long part of the paper bag, and then gluing the assembled head pattern to the top flap portion of the brown paper bag.

Pug Dog Puppet Craft Glue on Paper Bag

Isn’t this pug puppet so adorable? You can also customize the colors so that the pug looks like your dog at home!

Pug Dog Paper Bag Puppet Craft Pin

This paper bag puppet is simple, and your preschoolers will sure enjoy it as a D is for dog or P is for Puppy (or Pug!) craft. You may just need to help them with the layers of the different template pieces for the head.

With the free template, your kindergartener and elementary-aged children may be able to do the whole craft independently. It’s a great opportunity to practice their scissors skills and improve their attention to detail.

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