Balloon-Powered LEGO Cars

How to Build Balloon-Powered LEGO Cars

Design and build balloon-powered LEGO cars that will blast off with the help of the air from the balloons! There are unlimited ways to build the cars and your kids will love racing them to see which one will go farther.

LEGO Heart Image

How to Make a LEGO Heart

Here are clear instructions and pictures on how to make a LEGO heart. Your kids can make a large one to decorate the house, or mini LEGO hearts to give to friends for Valentine’s Day.

Winter LEGO Challenge Cards Featured

Winter LEGO Challenge Cards [Free Printable]

Doing fun STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activities is an excellent way to engage your kids during the long, cold days of the winter. Your little engineers will love tackling these Winter LEGO Challenge Cards and coming up with their own designs.

LEGO Santa Sleigh Complete (1)

How to Build a LEGO Santa Sleigh

With LEGO pieces that you may already have at home, you can build a LEGO Santa Sleigh that will carry Santa Claus all the way from the North Pole to bring you presents!

LEGO Snowman Steps (12)

How to Build a LEGO Snowman

Learn how to build a LEGO snowman with buttons, a nose, eyes, and even a top hat! Making a LEGO snowman is a fun winter LEGO STEM challenge for your kids.

LEGO Christmas Tree (7)

How to Build a LEGO Christmas Tree

Challenge your kids to build a LEGO Christmas tree and see what unique trees they come up with! Here are the ones we built for some inspiration.

LEGO Sundial Outdoor 2PM

How to Make a LEGO Sundial

Recently, we have been working on how to read the time. My son curiously asked, how did people tell time before the clock was invented?  The sundial is probably the oldest instrument that people used to tell time. All you need is an upright stick positioned in the ground with small stones to indicate the …

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