LEGO Waning Gibbous Moon

LEGO Moon Phases Science Activity

The different phases of the Moon fascinate kids. One of the common misconceptions that kids have is that the Moon changes shape throughout the month.  To explain why the Moon looks different every night, you need to show your kids how the Moonlight that we see is the Sun’s light reflected off the Moon’s surface.  …

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How to Build a LEGO Rainbow

Using their creativity and imagination, your kids can build a LEGO rainbow! This is a great LEGO STEM challenge for kids of all ages!

LEGO Binary Alphabet WE LOVE LEGO

Coding Binary Alphabet with LEGO

Coding binary alphabet with LEGO is an easy and screen-free coding activity for kids. Using your child’s beloved LEGO blocks, your kids can code the letters of the alphabet in 0’s and 1’s.


Balloon-Powered LEGO Boat

These balloon-powered LEGO boats are so fun to design and create. Your kids will love watching the bubbles push the LEGO boat around the water!

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