Winter LEGO Challenge Cards [Free Printable]

Doing fun STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) activities is an excellent way to engage your kids during the long, cold days of the winter. Your little engineers will love tackling these Winter LEGO Challenge Cards and coming up with their own designs.

Winter LEGO Challenge Cards Featured

Do your kids like following the instruction manual while playing with LEGO blocks? My kids used to refuse to play with random LEGO pieces – they only want to build from a set with a step-by-step instruction manual in front of them.

However, as they got a little older, they started to do pretend-play with LEGO blocks. For example, they would each build cell phones and pretend to chat with each other on the phone. They built lightsabers the other day and had an epic fight between the light side and the dark side.

But sometimes, they don’t know what to build. That’s why I created these LEGO challenge cards.

This set of Winter LEGO Challenge Cards will motivate and inspire your kids to use their imagination and creativity to build Christmas and winter-themed items and characters out of LEGO blocks. Building LEGO creations will enhance your kid’s problem-solving skills and spatial awareness. And if you have multiple kids, tackling the LEGO challenges together will increase their teamwork and communication skills.

Setting up the LEGO Challenge Cards

All you have to do is print out the Winter LEGO Challenge Cards and cut them out. I recommend printing on cardstock paper so they can last longer. If you are working with younger kids or using these in a classroom, you may want to laminate them to give these cards extra durability.

There are 24 challenge cards plus 8 blank ones for you to fill out if you have ideas that are not included in the other cards.

winter LEGO challenge cards mockup

How to Play with the Cards

You can place the cards in a bag or a little bowl and put them on a shelf where the kids can have easy access to the cards. This way, your kids can pick one a day to complete, or they can tackle more than one if they wish. If you have a Montessori classroom setup, then you can place the cards in a bowl on a tray along with the LEGO blocks.

Here are some examples of what we have built using the Winter LEGO Challenge Cards:

LEGO Snowman (click here for instructions)

LEGO Snowman Steps (12)

LEGO Santa’s Sleigh (click here for instructions)

LEGO Santa Sleigh Complete (1)

LEGO Christmas Tree (click here for instructions)

LEGO Christmas Tree (7)

LEGO Candy Cane

LEGO Candy Cane

Download the Free Printable Cards

Ready to brave the cold months and beat the winter slide? Just fill out the form below to download your free cards. 

Please tag me @mombrite and show me your kid’s creations! I would love to see what awesome designs they come up with!

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