Fall LEGO® Challenge Ideas for Kids [Free Printable]

This Fall LEGO Challenge is full of fun ideas and building prompts that will keep your kids busy this autumn season!

Fall LEGO Challenge

Has your kid lost their love of their LEGO® blocks? You spent a lot to accumulate that LEGO® stash that is now just collecting dust. Or perhaps your kids are nuts about their LEGO® bricks and need more ideas of what to build with them.

What your kid needs is a fun LEGO® Challenge! This Fall Lego Challenge will have them digging through their LEGO® collection to find just the right pieces to make everything on the list.

With 31 different building prompts, this building challenge will definitely tickle your kids’ minds. Here are 3 creative ways to use this Fall LEGO® Challenge.

Wifi Password Gate

If your kids are just wanting to play on their devices but you want them to do something creative with their hands first, use this Fall LEGO® Challenge as a daily challenge to get the password for the wifi. Once they finish their build, they get the new wifi password. Win for mom and a win for the kids.

Family Challenge

Instead of a game night, you can have a LEGO® build contest night. Take each prompt like Pie or Turkey and race to see who can make the best one. Alternatively, you can work together as a family and set a two or three-minute timer and see if as a family you can cooperatively make the prompt. (Provigil) There are 31 prompts so you could play this several times. 

Fall LEGO Challenge Pin

Daily Challenge 

Of course, you can always use this fall LEGO® challenge as a daily STEM activity. With a different challenge each day, there is always something exciting to look forward to. You can add the challenge to a part of your daily routines like the morning homeschooling schedule or after-school routine. It’s something to warm their brains up in a fun way!  

Building new things with LEGO® can be fun and a challenge. This fall LEGO® building challenge is the perfect way to help your child get their creative juices flowing while using their current LEGO® bricks to build something completely new.

Use it as a daily challenge or a family challenge. No matter how you use the challenge, it will be a lot of fun to do and may reignite or fuel your child’s love of LEGO®. 

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