Printable Homeschool Unit Study Planner

Create your own unit study for any topic your kids might be interested in with this printable homeschool unit study planner.

Unit Study Planner Printable

A unit study is a great way to add fun learning opportunities to your regular homeschool curriculum. Creating a unit study is a simple process. You can create lists, but I like to use a unit study planner to organize all of my ideas in one place.

This printable unit study planner comes with ideas and examples to get you started, and there is plenty of guided worksheets to help you plan your curriculum. It’s filled with everything you need to organize and plan out a unit study on any topic of your choosing!

How to Create a Unit Study?

A unit study is a way to learn more about one BIG topic across many academic subjects. Let’s look at an example.

If your kid is interested in the ocean, you might think that subject would only work in science “class”, but that is just the tip of the iceberg!

When planning a unit study, you would look at all subjects and find ways to incorporate the ocean into each.

Here are some ideas:

  • Spelling and vocabulary – words and definitions you might see while learning about the ocean.
  • Science – learn about the ocean as a habitat for many creatures.
  • Math – learn about and compare the sizes of different ocean creatures.
  • Reading and literature – read books about the ocean and the many creatures you will find there.
  • Art – create ocean life with scrap paper or paper plates.
  • Geography – study the map and learn about where the oceans are located.
  • Writing – visit the beach and jot down what you observe and feel while playing near the ocean.

The sky (or ocean) is the limit! You can use unit studies to teach your children about topics that interest them, which is a great way to get them to focus and take a deep dive into one subject.

How long does a unity study have to be? There is no right answer to this question – it really depends on how interested your child is in the particular topic. For preschoolers or kindergarteners, the unit studies are typically short and last about a week long. For older kids, you can plan an entire month on one topic if that’s what your child really wants to learn.

When you think of unit studies, remember to include fun activities like field trips and games! For example, if your kids love trains and want to learn more about them, you should play a fun board game like Ticket to Ride with your children. Then take a field trip to a local train station or railroad museum to see different types of locomotives and railroad cars in real life.

If your kids love owls, make sure you check out this free owl unit study that I used with my own kids!

What is Included in the Unit Study Planner?

Unit Study Planner

Here is what you will get when you download the planner:

  • Unit study topic planner (and a list!) – this is a space for you to write down all of the topics you or your child would like to explore. There is a list included of popular unit study topics to get you started.
  • Topic planner – this sheet will help you brainstorm once you choose a topic for your study.
  • Subject activities planner – with this form you will choose which subjects you want to include and list activities for each.
  • Book and media list – this form will help you plan a list of books, videos, or music you want to include.
  • Materials list – this sheet is where you create a list of all of the physical supplies you will need (it would be good to use as a shopping list if you need supplies you do not currently have)
  • Games and activities list – list all of the games, activities, and field trips you would like to use during your study.

How to Purchase the Unit Study Planner

To get your copy of the homeschooler unit study planner, simply click on the button below!

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