3D Rolled Paper Roses Flower Basket Card [Free Template]

This 3D DIY rolled paper roses flower basket card is easy to craft with the free printable template. The paper flowers look so realistic and make a great gift for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Rolled Rose Flower Basket Card (1)

Flowers are the most popular gift we give for special occasions. We give flowers for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, and many other events.

Why are flowers given as gifts? Because they connect with human emotions. And for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, flowers symbolize love and care for another.

That’s why this 3D DIY rolled paper roses flower basket card is the perfect gift to give to your significant other or friend for Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. And since the flowers are made out of paper, they can last for a very, very long time.

Your kids will love learning how to make the rolled paper roses. With the free template, the roses are easy to create and the result looks so real. Making this flower basket card will allow your kids to practice their scissor skills by cutting the strips of paper for the weave basket.

For younger kids, you may need to help them with the rolled flowers and perhaps cutting out the different pieces of the flower basket. But they can glue and assemble everything together. They will be so proud to give this rolled roses flower basket card to their mom or friend.

DIY Rolled Paper Roses Card

List of Supplies:

Rolled Rose Flower Basket Supplies


Prepare the Flower Basket Template Patterns

1. Download and print out the flower basket template. The template includes the rolled paper roses and leaves. Cut out all the pieces.

Rolled Flower and Leaf Template

2. Trace the template patterns on colored craft or construction paper. You can use whatever color you would like. We decided to go with red for the roses and green for the leaves. Cut out the traced patterns.

For the weave basket, you can decide what pattern you would like to make. Cut thin strips out of brown paper and a base for the basket out of white paper.

Rolled Rose Flower Basket Patterns

Note: I provided an extra page of rolled flower patterns. We ended up creating 5 roses for this flower basket craft, but you can make more or less depending on the size of your basket and card.

Make the Rolled Paper Roses

3. Start rolling the spiral rose pattern from its outer edge.

Rolled Rose Flower Basket Start Rolling Paper Flower

4. Continue to roll the paper toward the center of the spiral. Loosen up your hold on the coil and let the pattern unfurl slightly in your hands. Squeeze glue on the bottom circle and press it against the bottom edges of the rose petals to set it. Allow the glue to dry completely.

Rolled Rose Flower Basket Glue the Bottom
Rolled Rose Flower Basket Finished Rolled Flower

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the rest of the roses. We made 5 rolled roses total.

6. Fold the leaves along the middle to create a slight crease to give them a more 3D look.

Rolled Rose Flower Basket Completed Roses

Make the Weave Basket

7. Glue the brown strips on the white basket pattern vertically. All strips should be parallel to each other with small gaps in between the strips.

Rolled Rose Flower Basket Glue the Strips

8. Glue more strips to the basket, this time horizontally. They should be perpendicular to the vertical strips you glued on the basket in the previous step. Similarly, you want them to be parallel with small gaps in between the strips.

Rolled Rose Flower Basket Glue the Horizontal Strips

9. Trim the strips along the edge of the white basket pattern.

Rolled Rose Flower Basket Trim the Basket

Assembling the Flower Basket Card

10. Glue the paper basket on a piece of folded cardstock (the base of your card).

Rolled Rose Flower Basket Glue on the Card

11. Glue the rolled roses on the card.

Rolled Rose Flower Basket Glue Roses on the Card

12. Glue the paper leaves on the card, tucking them behind the roses.

Rolled Rose Flower Basket Card

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