Free Printable Apple Templates and Outlines

These free printable apple templates are perfect for various fall crafts, Teacher Appreciation Day, and learning activities in an apple unit study.

Free Printable Apple Templates Mockup

There are so many apple-themed activities. Whether it be experimenting with apple oxidation, learning about the density of apple parts, or using your 5 senses to discover the difference between the varieties of apples, this fruit is such an important part of preschool and kindergarten education.

These free printable apple templates are great to use as stencils for arts and crafts and other learning activities. You can incorporate them in your apple unit study or homeschool curriculum.

During the fall, you can celebrate National Apple Month in October by making colorful apple crafts with these free printable apple outlines. Students can cut out the apple templates and write their names on them, and stick the apples on the bulletin board or classroom wall. They can even string the apple cutouts together to create an apple garland!

With so many uses for these apple templates, your kids will for sure have lots of fun with these apple templates.

Ideas for the Printable Apple Templates

Here are some engaging, hands-on activities you can do with these apple templates that will get your kids excited about the wonderful fruit!

1. Apple Sun Catcher Craft

Grab some red, yellow, or green tissue paper and cut them up into little squares. Toddlers can tear the tissue paper up into small pieces instead of using scissors, which makes a great sensory play.

Using the large apple template as a stencil, trace the outline on two pieces of clear contact paper and cut them out. This is a great opportunity for kids to practice their fine motor skills.

Peel the backing off one of the sheets of contact paper and place the tissue paper squares all over the sticky side. Peel the backing off the other sheet of contact paper and lay it on top of the tissue paper squares, sticky side down.

You can use tape to stick the apple sun catcher on the window or hang it on a string. Simply punch a hole near the top of the apple sun catcher, thread a string through the hole, and tie the two ends of the string together in a knot.

2. Apple Number Puzzles

Your preschoolers can learn to count with these apple outlines! Cut out the medium apple templates, as many as you would like. Take one of the apple cutouts and cut it in half vertically, dividing the apple into left and right sides.

On the left side of the apple, draw apple seeds. On the right side, write the number of apple seeds that you drew on the left side. Repeat this with the other apple outlines with different numbers of apple seeds. Mix up all the pieces and give them to your preschooler to find the matching apple halves.

3. Parts of an Apple Craft

Explore the inside of an apple by cutting an apple open and studying the different parts. Then cut out the large apple template and recreate the seeds, flesh, skin, stem, and core with craft materials.

For example, you can color the outline of the apple cutout red with a marker to make the skin. Then glue raisins or sunflower seeds in the middle of the apple cutout for apple seeds.

Parts of an Apple Parts with Worksheet

4. Apple Wreath

Cut out the middle of a paper plate. Then cut out a dozen of the medium apple templates.

Mix shaving cream, white school glue, and red food coloring together to make puffy paint. Apply the red puffy paint with a large paintbrush on the apple templates. Repeat with brown and green food coloring to make more puffy paint to color the stems and leaves.

After the puffy paint completely dries, glue the apple cutouts around the paper plate ring, overlapping the cutouts slightly. Use a piece of string and hang up the apple wreath as decoration for the fall!

5. Ten Apples Up on Top! Counting Activity

Ten Apples Up on Top! is such a funny Dr. Seuss story about animal friends balancing apples on their heads. Recreate the story by cutting out pictures of your kids and the small apple templates.

Have your kids count the apples as they stack the apples on top of their own pictures. Such a fun way for preschoolers to learn how to count!

6. A is for Apple Craft

Make learning the alphabet fun with ABC crafts. And what letter does the alphabet begin with? A!

Check out this A is for Apple craft from our favorite homeschool reading curriculum, All About Reading. It comes with a free template so your preschooler can easily assemble the craft.

Make sure to practice saying /ă/–/ă/–apple together while creating the lowercase A craft!

Free Printable Apple Templates

Below is a list of all the apple templates that are in the downloadable PDF file.

Please note that the templates are for personal or classroom use only. If you have friends or family who are interested in getting these apple outlines, please give them the link to this post so they can get their own file!

I included two different apple outlines for each size. They are slightly different in shape, as one is curvier and rounded while the other one has fewer curves. You may prefer one or the other depending on your child’s age and fine motor skills.

Included in the apple template printable file is also an apple core outline, red apple template, and bitten apple template.

Large Apple Templates

Large Apple Template 1
Large Apple Template 2

Medium Apple Templates

Medium Apple Template 1
Medium Apple Template 2

Small Apple Templates

Small Apple Template 1
Small Apple Template 2

Apple Core Template Printable

Apple Core Template Printable

Bitten Apple Outline

Bitten Apple Template Printable

Red Apple Template

Red Apple Template

How to Download the Apple Templates

Simply click on the form below to get the printable apple templates delivered right to your inbox!

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