5 Senses Apple Activity [Free Printable]

Learn about the 5 senses with your preschooler with this simple apple and five senses activity! It comes with a free worksheet that your kid can fill out with their observations.

Apple 5 Senses Experiment Recording

Not all science experiments have to include eruptions or things turning color. Especially with preschoolers and kindergarteners who love to jump around with excitement all day, it’s important to teach them how to be mindful.

This simple 5 senses apple activity teaches kids how to be mindful by experiencing with their bodies. It’s the perfect STEM activity for the fall when different varieties of apples are available for the picking!

Apple 5 Senses Activity



1. Print out the free apple 5 senses worksheet.

2. Pick 3 apples of different varieties.

Apple 5 Senses Experiment Setup

3. Select an apple to start. How does the apple feel when you touch it? What does it sound like when you flick it? Use the worksheet as a guide to ensure you go through all 5 senses.

Apple 5 Senses Experiment Writing

4. Cut out apple wedges with a knife (adults only!). Give your kids a taste!

5. Repeat with the other 2 apples selected.

6. If you have other apples to explore, feel free to print out the free worksheet again and it all again!

Apple 5 Senses Experiment Smell

We usually stick with Fuji or Gala apples when we buy apples from the grocery store, so the kids were thrilled to try a green Granny Smith apple for this activity. It’s pretty amazing how different the green apple tastes in comparison to the red Fuji apples.

This activity teaches your kids to look at apples from a different perspective. I bet they never before thought much about an apple before putting it in their mouths!

My kids all like the tense of taste the best. I don’t mind, apples make a healthy snack!

Apple 5 Senses Experiment Taste

The 5 Senses of the Human Body

Humans have 5 basic senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. For this apple 5 senses activity, it’s important to discuss all 5 senses with your kids and point out what sensing organs are associated with each sense.

For example, for the sense of touch, our skin sends information to the brain to help us understand if the apple is smooth, rough, prickly, slimy, etc. We smell with our nose and decide whether something is stinky, fragrant, minty, fruity, etc.

The kids were a little puzzled about the sense of sound. After all, the apples just sitting on a plate do not make any sound. We flicked the apples in order to hear what it sounds like. You can also try tapping on the apples with your fingers.

Apple 5 Senses Experiment Sound

The sense of sight is more complex. What we see is actually the result of our eyes’ translations of the light. Your eyes can often play tricks on you like we have seen in the reversing arrow illusion and disappearing coin trick.

To finish off this 5 senses apple activity, we borrowed books about apples from the library. Here are our favorites:

For more fun with apples, check out these apple-centric activities!

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