Parts of an Apple Activity [with Free Printable]

What are the parts of an apple? With this simple STEM activity, your preschoolers and kindergarteners will examine the apple in detail with help of the free parts of an apple worksheet.

Parts of an Apple

Apples are delicious and we love them as healthy snacks for kids. Plus, apple picking is so fun in the fall!

This apple-themed STEM activity is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners to learn about this delicious fruit. Don’t forget to download the free parts of an apple printable for your child to use as a reference during this activity!

Discover Parts of an Apple



1. Write the names of the apple parts on a piece of paper or paper plate. 

Parts of an Apple Setup

2. Carefully cut the apple into different parts (stem, flesh, core, seeds, and skin).

3. Match the corresponding parts with the labels you have written on the paper or plate.

Parts of an Apple Skin

4. Let your kids observe the apple parts in detail.

This apple activity is a quiet, calm STEM activity that allows your kids to explore freely. They can feel the different parts of the apple with their hands, sniff them to see how they smell, and even taste the skin by itself. Just be careful they do not ingest the seeds or stem!

Parts of an Apple Seeds

Since you have all the parts of the apples nicely laid out, why not head over to the density of apple parts experiment to learn which parts of the apple sink and float? My kids were surprised!

Parts of an Apple Printable Worksheets

There are two worksheets in the parts of an apple printable. One is the “answer key” where you see all the parts of the apple labeled.

The other is a cut and paste worksheet where your child can use scissors to cut out the words and glue them to the boxes provided. Preschoolers may need to use the answer key for reference to match the words to the corresponding boxes. Kindergarteners may be able to read and match the labels without any help.

Parts of an Apple Parts with Worksheet

You can use this opportunity to teach your kid how to read the parts. Say the parts out loud, and have them repeat after you. We also read this cute Apple Picking Day! book that is written for beginner readers.

Apple Picking Day Book

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