Easter Bunny Egg Holder Craft [Free Template]

This adorable Easter Bunny egg holder craft is easy to make and the perfect craft for little hands. Your kids will love decorating their own Easter eggs!

Easter Bunny Egg Holder

I have not met a child yet that does not love the Easter bunny. In the Spring here in the United States, we often see real bunnies all over the place, and cute stuffed bunnies in most stores. Children will love to make an Easter Bunny Egg Holder. You will love that they get to practice their fine motor skills while using child-safe scissors, glue, and crayons to make their very own Easter bunny.

To make an Easter bunny egg holder, all you need to do is print out the free template. Then, just allow your children to use their imagination to color and cut out each piece. There is no wrong way to decorate their Easter bunny or the Easter egg it holds in its paws. Whether they choose to make their bunny look realistic or more colorful, they are sure to have fun.

You can also print out the free template on colored cardstock and have children cut out and paste them together to create decor for your home. I love that this craft is so simple and fun. Children are sure to enjoy it.

How to Make Easter Bunny Craft



1. Download and print the free bunny and egg craft template. Cut out all the patterns.

Trace the bunny outer ears, head, body, and foreleg patterns on brown paper. Trace the lower legs on dark brown paper. Finally, trace the inner ear and blush patterns on pink paper.

Note: We are sticking to the colors we see on the wild hares that we see in our neighborhood, but feel free to use whatever colors you would like for your bunny!

Easter Bunny Egg Holder Craft Template Patterns

2. Glue the inner ear patterns on the outer ear cutouts. Glue the lower leg patterns on the bottom of the body. Glue the blush patterns on both cheeks.

Easter Bunny Egg Holder Craft Glue Ear Cheeks Feet

3. Glue the ears to the top of the head cutout. Trim the blush patterns along the outline of the head cutout.

Easter Bunny Egg Holder Craft Glue Ear to Head

4. Glue the head pattern on the body cutout. Glue the forelegs to both sides of the body, but make sure you only apply glue to the top edge of the forelegs. You want to leave the rest of the forelegs free to hold the egg!

Easter Bunny Egg Holder Craft Glue Head to Body

5. Using the black and white Sharpie markers, draw the eyes, nose, and mouth of the bunny. If you don’t have white Sharpie around the house, you can cut two small circles out of white paper for the base of the eyes.

Easter Bunny Egg Holder Craft Draw Face

6. To make the Easter egg, cut and trace the egg template on a piece of white paper. Cut strips (or other shapes if you like) out of different colored paper to decorate the egg. You can also decorate the egg with other materials you have around the house, such as stickers or sequins.

Glue everything on the egg in beautiful patterns. If you are using strips, trim the stripes along the outline of the egg.

Easter Bunny Egg Holder Craft Egg Template

7. Slide the Easter egg under the forelegs of the paper bunny.

Easter Bunny Holding Egg

How adorable is this Easter bunny craft? I love how you have the freedom to choose the colors of the bunny, as well as how to decorate the Easter egg. This makes each bunny your kid makes unique.

We made an egg with little pok-a-dots that is super cute! If your children love decorating the egg, you can always make multiple eggs and switch them out from underneath the bunny’s paws.

Easter Bunny Holding Egg Craft

This Easter bunny egg holder craft is a great Easter activity to do with your students in a classroom. The kids will have so much fun selecting the colors and decorations for the bunny and egg. They will be so proud to bring it home to show their parents!

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