How to Make a No-Sew Sock Bunny

Learn how to make an easy and cute no-sew sock bunny for Easter or spring! Your kids will love using up their old, single socks for this fun rabbit craft.

No-Sew Sock Bunny

Easter is quickly approaching, and you are probably searching for fun spring crafts and activities to do with your kids.

This adorable no-sew sock bunny is a great craft that you can make for your kids or with them. The best part is that you can use up all the miscellaneous single socks that you have stored away. Those lonely orphan socks will finally have a purpose.

If you are extremely lucky and have all your socks in pairs, then you can grab inexpensive socks at the dollar store for this sock bunny craft. I recommend getting a few with different patterns because your kids might want to make more than one!

You might have seen sock bunny tutorials where the rice is added directly into the socks. I prefer to protect the rice with a Ziploc bag because you never know when your kid is going to poke a hole in the sock. The last thing I want is rice all over the floor!

How to Make a Sock Bunny


  • Crew socks
  • Rice
  • Hair-ties or rubber bands
  • Black marker or Sharpie
  • Quart-size Ziploc bags
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons


1. Pour rice in the plastic Ziploc bag and fill about halfway. Push as much air out of the bag as possible and seal the bag.

2. Insert the Ziploc bag into the sock. Push the rice toward the toe and foot parts of the sock to form a pear shape.

3. Pinch off about 2/3 of the stuffed area of the sock and tie a hair-tie or rubber band around the sock to form the body. Tie another hair-tie right above the rest of the rice to make the head.

No-Sew Sock Bunnies Make Sections

4. Trim the sock to the desired length for the ears. If you want ears that stand up, cut the sock shorter. On the other hand, if you want droopy years, cut the ears longer or don’t even cut it at all.

5. Cut the sock right down the middle to make the ears. Trim the ends of the ears to the shape desired. You can make round years or pointy ears.

No-Sew Sock Bunnies Cut Bunny Ears

6. Use a black marker to draw the face of your bunny. We drew dots for eyes and and x for the mouth.

No-Sew Sock Bunnies Draw Dots for Eyes

7. Cut a piece of ribbon and tie it around the bunny’s neck.

No-Sew Sock Bunnies Tie a Ribbon

8. Cut another piece of ribbon and tie it around the hair-tie at the top. Tie a small knot in the back to secure the ribbon.

You are done with your no-sew sock bunny! If you wish, make a buddy for your sock bunny. Or you may wish to use up all the single socks at your house and make a whole colony of cute bunnies!

No-Sew Sock Bunnies

I hope your kids love making these sock bunnies as much as they like displaying them around the house. You can also put one or two in an Easter basket along with other treats.

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