Cute Hatching Chick Craft [Free Printable Template]

Your kids will love helping the baby chick hatch from its egg with this fun Easter craft. With the free template, this hatching chick craft is simple to make.

Hatching Egg Craft

In need of an egg-dorable Easter craft? This cute hatching chick craft is so easy to make with the free printable template. Your kids will love designing their own Easter egg patterns for their baby chick.

There are several options with this hatching chick craft. Depending on the age of your kid and the availability of craft materials, you can decorate the Easter egg in different ways.

For preschoolers and kindergarteners, you can help cut out the template pieces and have them glue on the colorful patterns. It’s a great opportunity for them to practice their fine motor skills by matching the shapes up with the outlines. Or they can use crayons, colored pencils, or markers to color the Easter egg. Alternatively, if you have colorful stickers at home, they can use the stickers to create their egg on the blank Easter egg template.

For older kids, they can cut out their own template patterns and glue them on the egg template. I would leave them with the egg and chick templates and let them use their creativity to design the cracked egg.

Below, I will show you the option of cutting out all the template pieces and gluing them on the egg. If you decide to decorate your own egg instead of using the Easter egg template, simply print the blank cracked egg template instead of the one with patterns on it.

How to Make a Hatching Chick Craft

List of Supplies:

Hatching Baby Chick Craft Materials


Make the Easter Chick

1. Download and print out the hatching chick template. Grab the page with the baby chick outlines and cut out all the pieces.

2. Trace the chick pattern on yellow paper, the beak (small diamond) on orange paper, the blushing cheek patterns (2 small circles) on pink paper. and cut them out nicely. You can use the eye pattern from the template directly.

Hatching Egg Craft Chick Template Patterns

3. Glue the eye cutouts, blush cutouts and the beak cutout on the head part of the chick body pattern to craft the chick.

Hatching Egg Craft Baby Chick

Assemble and Decorate the Easter Egg

4. Take the egg template page and cut out the two Easter eggs with patterns (they are identical) and the egg outline.

Take one of the Easter egg patterns and cut out the strips and shapes. Trace them on different colored paper of your choice. Cut out the traced pieces.

Hatching Egg Craft Egg Template Pattern

5. Glue the strip cutouts along the strip outlines on the cracked egg patterns.

Hatching Egg Craft Decorate Easter Egg Template

6. Fill the traced shapes with the paper shape cutouts to decorate the cracked egg patterns.

Finish Decorate Easter Egg Template

7. Take the bottom part of the cracked egg and flip it around so that the patterns are facing away from you. Apply glue around the round side, keeping the zigzag side intact.

Glue Bottom Part of Egg

8. Place the glued part of the cracked egg on the bottom side of the full egg pattern. Press gently.

Cracked Egg Glued to Bottom of Egg

9. Grab the top part of the cracked egg and attach it with the full egg pattern with a brad pin. Make sure to attach the pin near the crack and on one side. If you are having trouble getting the brad pin through the paper, you can use a pencil to poke a hole in the paper first.

Attach Cracked Eggs with Brad Pin

Putting the Hatching Chick Craft Together

10. Insert the paper chick inside the egg pocket and slide the top cracked part to close the egg.

Place Baby Chick in Hatching Egg

Your kids will love closing and opening the top of the egg to hide the chick and then “helping” it hatch! If you have a toddler, he or she will love playing peek-a-boo with this adorable baby chick.

Encourage your kids to write a sweet message on the back of the egg and give this hatching chick craft to friends or grandparents. It makes a great handmade Easter card!

If you are doing this hatching chick art project in a classroom full of kids, you may want to stick with just letting them color the egg or decorate the egg with stickers. If you decide to go with the method we described above, you may want to cut out all the shapes ahead of time so they can focus on matching and gluing the paper shapes on the egg during class.

Hatching Egg Craft (1)

Whatever method you decide to use, I hope your kids have lots of fun! Happy Easter!

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