Fun and Easy Bubble Painting Art Project for Kids

Your kids will love learning how to paint with bubbles! The result of this bubble painting art project looks amazing because the bubbles form unique patterns on the paper.


My kids love painting, but I hate the mess. As a result, I believe we had our paint for over 2 years. Needless to say, they were in bad shape and mostly dried out.

I was going to throw all of them away, then my son’s school gave us this bubble painting activity to do at home. Perfect timing!

Painting with bubbles is a great art project to do with your kids because it makes such a pretty piece of artwork in the end. 

How to Paint with Bubbles



1. Pour 2 tablespoons of each color into separate compartments of the muffin pan or plastic cups.

Bubble Painting Paint in Muffin Pan

2. Pour 3 tablespoons of bubble solution into each compartment.

3. Cut the drinking straws so that they can rest in each muffin pan compartment without falling out (about 4 inches).

4. Mix the paints and bubble solutions together with the straws.

Bubble Art Mix the Paint

5. GENTLY blow into the mixture until bubbles are coming out of the compartment.

Bubble Painting Blow with Straws

6. Quickly take your paper and place it on top of the bubbles. 

Bubble Painting Place Paper on Bubbles

7. Lift up the paper to reveal the pattern the colorful paint bubbles made!

Bubble Painting On Paper

Repeat steps 5-7 until you complete your beautiful artwork.

My kids were amazed by the shapes and patterns the bubbles made on the paper. And of course, they have to try all the colors!

Bubble Painting 7

Here are some tips to make sure your bubble painting is mess-free and fun:

  • Make sure you blow gently. If you blow too hard, the solution might splash out. The first couple of times we tried blowing in the solution we got splashes of paint on our faces.
  • If you have younger kids, make sure they know how to blow on the straw. Even though you are using non-toxic ingredients, you still don’t want them to be ingesting paint and bubble solution.
  • You might want to cover whatever surface you are on with tablecloths or newspapers in case paint gets out.
  • In hindsight, I think I would have preferred to use separate plastic cups instead of a muffin pan. Even though we got colorful paintings out of it, we had to be careful not to touch the other colors while pressing the paper on the paint bubbles.
  • We did notice that as much as all the paint colors worked, the ones that were dried out and hardened didn’t work well as the ones that were more fluid.

Final Thoughts on Bubble Painting Art

Painting with bubbles is a great art project for kids because it makes your kid feel like a true artist. Because the bubbles form such intricate patterns, it’s easy to make pretty paintings. 

You can experiment with different-sized straws or even make straw bundles by taping a few straws together. You and also experiment with and teach your child color mixing by overlapping different colors. 

Your child will be proud to hang these bubble paintings up in his/her room. You can also use it to make beautiful cards to send to friends and family!

I hope you enjoyed this painting with bubbles activity. Here are some other fun art projects you can do with your child:

Bubble Painting Kids Art Project Pin

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