I Love You to Pieces: Valentine’s Day Craft [Free Printable]

The “I Love You to Pieces” Valentine’s Day craft is an easy way to help your preschooler say “I love you”. This activity is perfect for developing fine motor skills while having lots of fun. Plus it comes with a free template with multiple designs to choose from.


Ah, Valentine’s Day. It WAS a day for romance, beautiful flowers, and delicious dinner. Now, as a mom, V-Day is more about trying to recover from lack of sleep. Why? Because the day before, you most likely are burning the midnight oil trying to finish all the Valentine’s for your kids’ classmates.

Alas, that’s the life we have chosen.

But not romance is not dead. Maybe it’s temporary on hold until the kids are older and go to college. But for now, we get lots of hugs and kisses from our little ones to make up for the lack of adult time.

The fun thing about Valentine’s Day when you have kids is that you get to do lots of cute crafts with them! Today, we are doing the “I Love You to Pieces” craft. I have a FREE printable template for you to make the craft super simple.

How to Make I Love You to Pieces Craft



  1. Print out the free “I Love You to Pieces” template on white cardstock paper. You can feel free to write/draw your own as well.
  2. Cut the construction paper, tissue paper, or whatever paper you choose to use into small rectangular pieces with scissors.
  3. Use the glue to stick the small pieces of paper to the cardstock.
  4. Frame it, tape it to the wall, stick it to the fridge with a magnet, or give it to daddy – you choose how you want to display this adorable craft!

This Valentine’s craft may be an excellent opportunity for you to clean out the craft room. Take out whatever scrap pieces of paper you can find and use it to stick on the heart. You can even use leftover Christmas wrapping paper!

For younger kids, you can have them tear up the scrap paper instead of using scissors.

If you love this craft, feel free to share it with your friends and family!

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